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Disc golf is a sport that is growing in popularity. It is a great way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. One of the best parts about disc golf is that it is relatively inexpensive to start. All you need is a disc and a place to play. There are many different types of discs available on the market. Some are designed for beginners, while others are better suited for advanced players. When choosing a disc, it is essential to consider your skill level and the type of terrain you will be playing on. A good disc retriever is one of the most critical equipments for disc golf. A disc retriever is a device that helps you retrieve your discs when they end up in places that are difficult to reach. Many different types of disc retrievers are available on the market, and it can be challenging to choose the right one. To help you decide, we have compiled a list of the top 5 best discs.

Top 5 Best Disc Golf Retriever Features Here

BECARSIR Disc Golf Retriever Telescoping Disc Golf Grabber Durable Stainless Steel...

BECARSIR Disc Golf Retriever Telescoping Disc Golf Grabber Durable Stainless Steel Disc Golf Retrieving Device |Retrieve Discs in Lake, Pond, River, Shrub, Tall Tree or Uneven Terrain Included


  • STAINLESS-STEEL TELESCOPING ROD: The disc golf disk retriever is made of thick stainless steel resistant to corrosion, and is sturdy and durable. Each section of the disc grabber is tightly connected, so the rod is stable and does not shake when used. Even in flowing water, the disc can be retrieved easily. (Note: Please do not pull the telescopic rod too hard to prevent it from breaking)
  • RUBBER-COATED METAL HOOK: The double hook can be used for all discs. Each tip is coated in rubber to provide maximum grip without scratching your disc. The hook and telescopic rod are fixed by screws, so you don't have to worry about them falling off during use, allowing you to quickly and reliably grasp the lost disc.
  • NON-SLIP SPONGE HANDLE: The grip handle is covered with high-grade thick sponge material to avoid slipping when you use the tool and making it feel more comfortable. Tip: After each use in the water, wipe the disc golf grabber with a towel, and then fold it up to extend the durability of the product.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE DESIGN: The disc grabber weighs less than 0.5 pounds and is 15.8 inches long when folded. It can be extended up to 10 feet long. Easily stored in your bags, this is a great accessory to have for any disc golfer.
  • INCREASES THE LIFE OF THE DISC: When your favorite disc launches into the lake, pond, river, shrub, tall tree or uneven terrain, this disc retriever can be easily be expanded to help you reach difficult places. Tip: Make sure that the tip is fully tightened before use to prevent the tip from rotating when picking up the disc. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with professional and satisfactory solutions.

Disc Golf Retriever, Disc Golf Grabber Expands to 10 Feet, Portable Telescoping...

Disc Golf Retriever, Disc Golf Grabber Expands to 10 Feet, Portable Telescoping Hook Disc Golf Equipment for Outdoor Flying Disc Sports Equipment, Frisbee Retrieving Device


  • 15.75 INCHES - 10 FEET EXTENDABLE: This disc golf retriever is compact in design and can be quickly and easily folded to only 15.75 inches. It is a portable accessory for most Frisbee golf bags. The weight is only 0.2 kg, but it can be expanded to a maximum height of 10 FEET. Disc golf retriever allows you to reach very difficult locations. It can be used to retrieve discs in lakes, ponds, bushes, mud, branches, or many other areas.
  • RUBBER FRISBEE HOOK: The outer frame of telescoping hook disc golf equipment is made of rubber. The double hook is easier to retrieve the frisbee than the single hook to ensure the safety of the player and protect the dynamic frisbee from damage and not easy to slip off.
  • SPONGE HANDLE: This disc golf grabber is equipped with an ergonomic sponge handle, which is comfortable to hold and ensures a strong grip during the entire use.
  • HIGH-QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL: This disc golf accessories is made of stainless steel, sturdy and corrosion-resistant, without fear of any weather. This prevents it from shaking up and down even when it reaches its maximum length. It will not rust even in water, and you can use it for many years without worries.
  • PREMIUM GIFTS: This disc golf retriever pole is the best golf accessory or golf gift for golf lovers. It is an ideal golf gift for your grandfather, father, husband or boyfriend. Whether it's Christmas, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, birthday or party, everyone who receives it will be pleasantly surprised.

SMORCURA Disc Golf Retriever | Disc Golf Retriever Pole Telescopic | Disc Golf...

SMORCURA Disc Golf Retriever | Disc Golf Retriever Pole Telescopic | Disc Golf Accessories Grabber 15 inches to 11ft | L Version - Rubber Coating Head with Premium Accessories


  • Multifunctional Telescopic Pole - Our disc golf retriever pole includes 3 interchangeable tip screws, each head can be replaced at will. The rubber coating design makes the disc retriever more gentle and won't damage the disc.
  • Premium Installation Accessories - -We use reinforced screw and wing nuts to make the disc golf retriever not easy to loose and easily be tightened by hand.
  • Strong and Durable - The disc golf retriever pole is made of sturdy stainless steel material.
  • Suitable for All Kinds of Discs - This disc retriever not only perfect for any size or brand discs, but also can be used in most scenarios, lakes, ponds, rivers, creeks, across fences, trees, and many other areas.
  • Never Lose Discs Again - Never worry about throwing your discs into the water or onto the trees again, SMORCURA disc retriever disc golf is a super cost-effective choice!

VOOADA 3 in 1 Disc Golf Retriever,Multifunctional Telescopic Disc Golf Grabber...

VOOADA 3 in 1 Disc Golf Retriever,Multifunctional Telescopic Disc Golf Grabber Extends to 16ft with Easy-to-Carry Bag, Durable Stainless Steel Disc Golf Equipment with Premium Accessories


  • ✔[LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE DESIGN]: The 3 in 1 multifunctional grip stick disc golf retriever pole weighs less than 0.55 kg,just 3 in 1 fit all you need.With a funny storage bag.It's perfect for putting our disc golf grabber in. It's easy to carry to anywhere, easy to store, and fits in a backpack or hanging around the waist.
  • ✔[STAINLESS-STEEL TELESCOPING ROD]:The Disc Golf Retriever can collapses to 16 inch and extends up to 16ft.The disc golf retriever is made of thick stainless steel resistant to corrosion, and is sturdy and durable.Each section of the disc grabber is tightly connected, so the rod is stable and does not shake when used.
  • ✔[NEVER LOSE DISC AGAIN]:The disc golf retriever pole can be used in water, mud, grass, brush, trees, rocks and uneven terrain, disc retriever allows you to grab discs comfortably by the rim or hook head without harming your disc.This is definitely quick and easy to use, along with modest portability and above average durability.
  • ✔[NOT ONLY A Disc Golf Retriever]:The Grabber Extends to max 16ft with 3 premium replacement head,you can use it at any condition in water, mud, grass, brush, trees, rocks and uneven terrain.
  • ✔[Perfect Gift]:Our disc golf retriever stick not only equipped with an exquisite mesh storage bag, but also easy to carrying in a backpack or hanging around your waist. It is the ideal golf gift for your grandfather, father, husband or boyfriend.

Chivao Dynamic Disc Golf Retriever Portable Disc Pole with Hook Long Reach Grabber...

Chivao Dynamic Disc Golf Retriever Portable Disc Pole with Hook Long Reach Grabber Tool Golf Telescopic Stick Flying Disc Sports Equipment with Storage Bag for Sport (2, Classic Style)


  • Flexible and Telescopic: the maximum length of this disc golf retriever measures approx. 10 feet, while it measures approx. 40 cm/ 15.75 inch after folding, which can make you easily reach difficult places and can be applied to retrieve flying discs from lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, fences, trees and many other areas
  • Reliable and Practical Material: the hook of this disc retriever is mainly made of rubber, the shaft is made of stainless steel, and the handle is covered with a layer of sponge, reliable and firm to use, wear resistant and corrosion resistant, suitable for use in most weather
  • Convenient to Store and Carry: the disc golf accessories are light in weight and can be folded to put in your pocket, easy for you to carry or take; You can store it in the storage bag when not in use, without taking up too much space
  • Bring You a Comfortable Experience: the sponge handle of disc golf grabber is comfortable for you to hold or grip, and the sponge handle can provide you with extra grip, soft to hold, not easy to slip off, bringing you a pleasant use experience
  • Suitable for Various Sports Occasions: the disc golf gripper pole can be applied on a variety of occasions, such as flying discs, playing golf, flying kites, playing badminton or baseball, making it easier for you to get the items.

Beginners Guide to Buying Frisbee Golf Discs

Buying discs online can seem intimidating when you discover hundreds of different disc golf discs available in countless polymers, weights, and colours. Our online guide will assist you in choosing the top golf discs and make it simple to buy them from, whether you are new to disc golf, want to buy discs as a present, or like to learn more about particular discs.

Types and Uses of Golf Discs

Distance drivers, fairway drivers, midrange discs, and putters are the four main categories of golf discs. The distance the disc offers is what counts most to beginning disc golfers.
Although most shots may be made with any disc (some more effectively than others), discs are usually categorised by how quickly they “fly” or cut through the air.

Maximum Distance Drivers:  When discs can cut through the air at extremely high speeds, they are categorised as far or leading distance drivers. When thrown with the proper force and technique, these discs can travel over 400 feet. These discs lose control when not thrown properly, travel farther, and cause frustration. Drivers with a maximum range have thick rims (2.1 cm or more) and have a speed rating of 10 or above.

Control Drivers: Control or fairway drivers don’t travel as quickly as prospective distance drivers. In general, fairway drivers are easier to control, more stable, and have thinner rims. They can also fly straighter. Today’s “fairway drivers” include several ControlDriverProfilediscs that were once power discs. The distance these older discs can go is less impressive as disc golf technology and innovation advance. Fairway drivers will typically perform better for novice disc golfers than the maximum distance drivers.

Midrange Discs: Midrange discs fly more slowly, have rounded edges, and are less aerodynamic. Some midrange discs can fly in nearly straight lines. Many midrange discs are older discs once regarded as distance drivers, just as fairway drivers. Midrange discs are made to provide the most control and accuracy while staying on course. Experienced disc golfers frequently start their rounds using midrange drivers or even putters.

Putt and Approach: The slowest flying discs for disc golf are putters. Typically, they are manageable and won’t get out of hand. Putters generally always fly fairly straight in comparison to drivers. They are helpful for approach shots that land close to the basket to create easy putts and for landing in the basket itself. You might want to think about throwing a putter if you’re searching for a disc that will fly straight without a significant end-of-flight fade.

Disc Golf Flight Paths

To assist customers in determining how well a disc flies in comparison to other discs, Innova established a system of flight ratings. To make it easier for you to compare discs from various manufacturers, we’ve introduced these numbers for those disc manufacturers that haven’t yet adopted our rating system. The four categories of the Innova Flight rating system for flight paths are speed, glide, turn, and fade.

Distance – Speed & Glide

Speed: According to the Innova rating system, speed is the first rating discs receive. The fastest flying discs are rated at 13–14 mph, while blunt-edged, slow discs are rated at 1-2 mph. Innova categorises discs as distance drivers if they have a speed rating of 8 or higher, fairway drivers if it’s 6-7, midrange discs if it’s 4-5, and putters if it’s less than 3.
Speed and distance are not the same for beginning disc golfers. A lightweight six-disc will probably travel further than a speed 13 power driver. Higher-speed discs are more challenging to throw precisely and have more giant rims.

Glide: A disc’s glide determines how long it can stay in the air. Higher glide numbers often result in longer flight distances for discs than lower glide numbers. For long shots, the glide is beneficial, but it can be detrimental for putts and approach strokes. Overshooting the basket is frequently worse than undershooting. Glide ratings range from 1 to 7, and discs with a glide rating of 7 will sustain loft for a more extended time.

Choosing Disc Weight

Discs for disc golf come in a range of weights. Most discs weigh 165 to 175 grams. Additionally, some discs are made of unique plastic blends with reduced weight goals. The Professional Disc Golf Association sets weight limits based on a disc’s diameter. Midrange discs often have larger diameters and are more likely to weigh over 175 grams. Only putters and drivers up to 175g are typically PDGA certified. You can still throw a disc even if it exceeds the PDGA weight restrictions; you can’t toss it in sanctioned tournament play. Check out the PDGA tech guidelines to determine the weight permitted for each unique disc.

Flight patterns for lighter-weight discs are typically more unstable and prone to tipping. SortbyWeightmore overstable and less likely to flip over, heavier discs will be. Lighter-weight discs are typically easier to throw and provide a greater distance for beginners, young players, and those with slower arm speeds.

When placing an order for discs on our website, you can use our advanced search to identify discs by a certain weight or sort by weight within each disc model.


The Golf Retriever is the best disc retriever because of its unique shape. It glides smoothly over water, which makes it perfect for retrieving discs in wet conditions. Disc Golf Retrievers are some of the essential tools in disc golf. You want one that can easily reach over obstacles, avoid obstacles, and move quickly. If you enjoy getting wet outdoors, you should buy this disc retriever. The Disc Golf Retriever is a tennis disc about four inches long and made of soft plastic, giving it a unique feel and making the disc convenient for beginners. It requires minimal effort to throw, making it suitable for people. The disc is available in many colours and comes in various sizes, making it handy for putting.

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