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Travelers Say It’s Time To Move On From Travel Restrictions

Image: NYT

Passengers at Calgary International Airport who travel internationally agree that the current COVID-19 border controls and travel restrictions must be lifted.

Returning to Calgary from Dallas, Allan Chatenay stated, “Right now, we have a federal government that enjoys imposing regulations and managing people’s lives.”

Other countries have moved on from COVID-19 limitations, while Canada remains one step behind.

On Monday, Dailion News reported that the federal government of Canada has planned to end random airport testing, waive the vaccination requirement for international visitors, and make the contentious ArriveCAN app voluntary by September 30.

While Chatenay acknowledges this as a positive development, he insists that mandatory mask use on airplanes and trains also be scrapped.

“You travel through a huge airport like Dallas-Fort Worth, one of the busiest airports in the world, and then you get on a Canadian airline, or an American plane going to Canada,” he added.

“It’s crazy, and we’re just lost.” Al Tallman doesn’t understand the need for masks anymore.

“I’ve had all the necessary vaccinations, so why am I being forced to wear a mask while flying?” said Tallman. Daniela Carmona and other travelers like her acknowledge the lifting of limitations but advise caution.

She emphasized the importance of everyone looking out for one another. “While the rules are being relaxed, we nevertheless keep a close eye on everything.”

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