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Tottenham Wins 5-0. Everton: Jamie Carragher Claims That Frank Lampard’s Team Is so Poor’ That They Might Be Demoted From The Premier League

Tottenham 5-0 Everton: Jamie Carragher says Frank Lampard's side are 'so weak' they could be relegated

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Topping the Premier League’s Monday Night Football, Everton were blasted 5-0 by Tottenham; the setback left them one point and one position above the relegation zone; Jamie Carragher on Everton: “They’re not very strong. Because their back four is Championship level, it’s the first time I’ve believed they had a realistic danger of going down.”

As a result of Everton’s humiliating 5-0 loss against Tottenham, Jamie Carragher believes the club now has a “serious possibility” of getting relegated for the first time in his professional life, according to Carragher.
Having suffered a humbling defeat in north London, Frank Lampard’s team are now only one point, and one position above the drop zone, and they have a game in hand over 18th-placed Burnley.

Everton was last relegated from the Premier League in 1951, but their defeat against Tottenham has raised significant concerns about their ability to compete.
Carragher is especially worried about his team’s heart and stomach preparing for the relegation battle that lies ahead.

When it comes to Everton supporters, this is one of the worst periods they’ve ever experienced because of the other issues going on in the background and how badly relegation may hurt the club.

The last five games of the season are a complete and utter disaster. The likes of Chelsea and Liverpool are in the mix, but this is the first time I’ve believed Everton had a realistic danger of slipping into the relegation zone.” The only thing that will keep this club in the league, and the only thing that I believe will keep them in the company, is Goodison Park.” One of the reasons I think it was appropriate to choose Frank Lampard at the time was that he was the only candidate who had the backing of the fans, who were pleased that he was in charge.” Although it hasn’t been the best of starts, there has been a buzz about Goodison Park. They have eight games at home [in the remaining eight games of the season] since they are unlikely to pick up a point away from home this season.”

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