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The Brick In Architecture Awards, Which Will Be Held In 2021, Will Honor Design That Delivers Results

The Brick In Architecture Awards, Which Will Be Held In 2021, Will Honor Design That Delivers Results

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THE RESTON, Va., COMMUNITY (BUSINESS WIRE)—The Richmond, Va., community (business wire)—The Richmond, Va. The Brick Industry Association (BIA) awards are the 2021 Brick in Architecture Awards, the world’s most prestigious design competition showcasing clay brick.

The winners were chosen from a pool of 138 submissions, almost twice the number of entries received in the previous three years. This video features eight of the Best in Class winners. Projects in the United States, Australia, Canada, and Mexico are recognized as Best in Class, Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners.

This collection of awards demonstrates clay brick’s incomparable design adaptability, generated from a plethora of accessible colors that never fade, textures, and installation possibilities. Some of the characteristics that distinguish clay brick as the best wall cladding available include its natural beauty, unmatched durability, and wind-blown debris protection, as well as its energy efficiency and low or no maintenance requirements, according to Ray Leonhard, president and CEO of the Brick Industry Association (BIA).

The following are the Best in Class winners for 2021:


Farm Credit Services of America – West Building

Omaha, Nebraska

Architect: Clark & Enersen

Mason Contractor: Jeff MacTaggart Masonry LLC

Photo Credit: Tom Kessler


A skywalk connects this office structure to the rest of the corporate campus, comprised of red, buff, and pink brick laid in various depths to provide a striking visual effect.

Educational (Higher Education)

Fitts-Woolard Hall – NCSU

Raleigh, North Carolina

Architect: Clark Nexsen Architecture & Engineering

Brick Manufacturer: Sioux City Brick (a subsidiary of Glen-Gery)

Brick Distributor: Custom Brick & Supply Co.

Mason Contractor: Brodie Contractors

Photo Credit: Mark Herboth

High levels of transparency are used throughout this four-story building, which is constructed of classic red and gray flashed brick. The result is a light-filled, dynamic academic and research atmosphere.

Educational (K-12)

Thomas J. Waters Elementary School North Annex

Chicago, Illinois

Architect: Bailey Edward Design

Brick Manufacturer: The Belden Brick Company

Brick Distributor: Brickworks Supply LLC

Mason Contractor: MPZ Masonry

Photo Credit: Darris Lee Harris

This new elementary school extension in Chicago’s historic Ravenswood Gardens neighborhood is a red brick that complements the previous structure but has a more modern appearance.

Historic Renovation

City of Galveston 30th St. Water and Electric Light Station

Galveston, Texas

Architect: The LaBiche Architectural Group Inc.

Brick Manufacturer: Acme Brick Company

Mason Contractor: Marsh Waterproofing Inc.

Photo Credit: Angie LaBiche


In addition to serving as a meeting and wedding venue, this historic 1904 structure has an exterior made entirely of red brick that has been tucking pointed and rebuilt with bricks from the original structure.


Bangalley House

Sydney, Australia

Architect: Casey Brown Architecture

Brick Manufacturer: Austral Bricks

Brick Distributor: Brickworks Building Products

Photo Credit: Michael Nicholson


The red and white brick used in this dwelling was selected for its hardness and endurance, and it has been sculpted into the surrounding terrain.

Paving & Landscaping

Capturing an Artist’s Vision: A Monumental Journey

Des Moines, Iowa

Architect: substance architecture

Brick Manufacturer: Endicott Clay Products Company

Mason Contractor: Seedorff Masonry Inc.

Photo Credit: Corey Gaffer


This 30-foot-high sculpture of radical geometry, created in collaboration with a renowned African-American artist to commemorate Black attorneys, is made of modular gray brick and incorporates modular gray brick.

Residential – Multifamily

40 Bleecker Street

New York, New York

Architect: Rawlings architects pc

Brick Manufacturer: Acme Brick Company

Brick Distributor: Belden Tri-State Building Materials

Mason Contractor: Milestone Masonry Corp.

Photo Credit: Alexander Severin


The brick façade of this luxury 61-apartment building in Manhattan’s NoHo area is painted in bespoke light hues selected to complement the historic neighborhood. At the same time, the inside is clean and contemporary.

Residential – Single-Family

Neighborhood Cottage

Mountain Brook, Alabama

Architect: Taylor Plosser Davis Architecture + Design

Brick Manufacturer: Endicott Clay Products Company

Brick Distributor: Acme Brick Company

Mason Contractor: Fry Construction Inc.

Photo Credit: Laurey Glenn


This new house in an older suburban area pays homage to its Tudor revival neighbors both in material and size, using Artisan brick with a reflecting surface as the primary construction material.

Award for Excellence in Craftsmanship

Recognizing an individual mason or team of masons for artful or unique brick installation

Filigree House – Residential-Single Family Category

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Architect: Moto Design shop

Brick Manufacturer: General Shale

Brick Distributor: Diener Brick Company

Mason Contractor: Brandon Reiss Masonry

Photo Credit: Halkin Mason Photography

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