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Shanghai steps up defences against wave of asymptomatic COVID cases

Shanghai steps up defences against wave of asymptomatic COVID cases

A growing wave of symptomless cases in Shanghai has prompted authorities to act fast to contain the spread of COVID-19. Tens of thousands of individuals have been tested, and dozens of events and exhibits have been postponed or canceled, as well as the closure of several public places.

According to official statistics released on Wednesday, Shanghai recorded 62 instances of domestically transmitted asymptomatic illnesses on Tuesday, marking the sixth straight day of growth in the number of such cases. The figure was the highest daily total for the city since China began classifying symptomless illnesses as a distinct category from verified cases in late March 2020.

For the second day in a row, the metropolis of 24.9 million people reported three local cases with verified symptoms on Tuesday.

All but one of the 65 cases were discovered among persons who were already under quarantine because they were close contacts of sick patients who had been reported previously.

Shanghai’s current epidemic is minor in comparison to outbreaks in other major cities across the world, and the city has not yet implemented a blanket travel ban or implemented lockdowns.

Many Chinese cities, notably Shanghai, have discovered Omicron variations among local infections, although the actual number of Omicron variants reported across the country is unknown.

While China has shown no signs of abandoning its “zero-clearance” policy, which is geared at reducing outbreaks as rapidly as possible, the nation has directed local governments around the country to reduce the effect of anti-COVID measures on people’s everyday lives to the greatest extent feasible.

However, since the outbreak of the new wave of diseases began earlier this month, considerable difficulty has been experienced in the Chinese capital.

Housing and office complexes in the city where confirmed patients and their close connections have visited have been sealed off, and their residents have been instructed to prepare for quarantines that might last up to 14 days in certain instances.

Many recreational activities, such as concerts, exhibits, and tutoring sessions, have been postponed or canceled as a result of the storm. It has also been ordered that certain retiree dancing organizations, which are a common sight in the city’s parks, cease their gatherings as well.

“My joyful Friday is gone,” one user on the Chinese social media site Weibo said after numerous shows at the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center were postponed or canceled altogether.

China’s mainland reported 233 local cases with verified symptoms and 322 cases without symptoms for the week ending March 8. This includes infections in Shanghai.

Those instances of domestically transmitted hepatitis were discovered in over 40 places, a distribution that does not speak well for the hoped-for resurgence in retail, aviation, and tourism, according to experts.

“Because the virus has spread to approximately 20 provinces in China, with a strong likelihood of spreading further, the impact on consumption will be prolonged, in contrast to our previous forecasts, which predicted a gradual warming of consumption,” said Tang Jianwei, chief researcher at the Bank of Communications’ Financial Research Center.

In addition, China recorded 104 cases of symptomatic illnesses and 77 cases of silent infections among passengers entering from outside the country on March 8.

There were no additional fatalities, which means the total number of deaths remains at 4,636.

The mainland Chinese government has recorded 111,857 confirmed cases of influenza-like illness since the pandemic started on March 8, including both domestic and imported cases.

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