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Jamie Dornan Gives His Take on Robert Pattinson’s ‘Pity Invite’ Claims

Jamie Dornan Gives His Take on Robert Pattinson's 'Pity Invite' Claims

Is it true that Christian Grey and his mates invited Batman to their house for a pity party? At the 2022 Critics’ Choice Awards on Sunday night, Jamie Dornan spoke about his long-standing friendship with Robert Pattinson.

He talked with ET’s Lauren Zima about R.Patz’s recent statements in which he said he was the last person invited to excursions with Dornan and several of his now-famous roommates, like Andrew Garfield, Eddie Redmayne, and Charlie Cox, when they were in their early twenties.

“I wasn’t really in a room with my roommate. They were all roommates, and I was the last one to be invited, so it was a little awkward “Pattinson, 35, told ET’s Rachel Smith earlier this month that he was considering a comeback. “I was invited as a last-minute addition. When there’d just be like one piece of pizza left, I’d be like, ‘Does there happen to be any left for me?'”

This is something Dornan isn’t willing to overlook.

“No! Does the pity extend an invitation? No, not at all “he told the news organization ET. “Whenever Rob came on the scene, I believe we were a little concerned about whether or not he would fit in with the rest of the group at that point in time. For the simple reason that we were not working and he is working all the time. His work on Twilight catapulted him into a different stratosphere than the rest of us, and although we haven’t quite caught up with him yet, we have all begun to work more regularly together. And yes, Jesus, we’ve known each other for a long time.”

One former roommate with whom Dornan has maintained a strong relationship is Garfield, with whom he recently saw his 2021 comedy Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar, according to ET.

“It’s a personal favorite of his. He arrived late to the party “Garfield’s reaction to the humor was described by Dornan as follows. “Andrew is one of my closest friends. He arrived late to the party. Despite the fact that he just recently viewed it, I am aware of how much he enjoys it already.”

In its 27th year, The CW and TBS presented the Critics’ Choice Awards live from Los Angeles on Sunday, March 13th at 7:00 p.m ET/4 p.m PT on The CW and TBS.

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