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In Russia, The Nintendo EShop Has Been Placed Into “Maintenance Mode”

Nintendo eShop goes into 'maintenance mode' in Russia

The Nintendo eShop has been temporarily halted in the Russian Federation.
Users on the internet started to notice that the Russian edition of the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo Switch has stopped taking payments over the weekend. This is not the first time this has happened. Nintendo’s official Russian website stated that the eShop had been “temporarily placed into maintenance mode” due to the suspension of payments only a few hours later.

It’s a bit unclear why the payments have been suspended. Neither Nintendo nor the Russian government has commented on the suspension of payments from Russian consumers. The company has estimated how long the rest, or the maintenance mode on the official website, would last.

Suppose this is a suspension of the Russian eShop due to Russia’s continuing invasion of Ukraine. In that case, Nintendo is far from being the first video game firm to shut accounts in the area in recent history. Customers in Russia and Belarus would be unable to buy CD Project Red-developed games such as Cyberpunk 2077 or The Witcher 3 while the GOG site remains closed, according to a statement released earlier this month by the Polish company CD Project. Due to the situation, other large firms, including Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Epic Games, and Activision Blizzard, have ceased services in Russia.

In other news, Sony seems to have discreetly removed Gran Turismo 7 from sale in Russia, according to reports. Late last week, just days before GT 7 was scheduled to be released throughout the globe on March 4, it was discovered that the game’s Russian website had silently deleted the date off its release schedule, only stating that a release for the racing game was “waiting.” In the same way that Nintendo did not officially announce a suspension of sales in the country, it’s unclear if this is the beginning of a new pattern for the corporation or is just a one-time measure.

Please consider donating to the Ukrainian Red Cross, which is providing critical aid on the ground; Doctors Without Borders, which is collaborating with local volunteers and healthcare professionals; or The Kyiv Independent, an English-language newspaper based in Ukraine that is keeping the world informed on what is going on there.

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