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Florida teacher beaten and hospitalized after attack by 5-year-old student, police say

Florida teacher beaten and hospitalized after attack by 5-year-old student, police say

The assault on a South Florida teacher by a 5-year-old pupil left her “dazed” and “unresponsive,” according to authorities who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the ongoing investigation.

According to a heavily redacted incident report from the Pembroke Pines Police Department, first responders discovered the unidentified instructor “sitting on the ground against the wall” and “appearing to be in a faint state” at Pines Lakes Elementary School, which is located about 15 miles southwest of downtown Fort Lauderdale, according to the report.

A report indicated the victim was “obviously weak and bewildered,” able to “blink and breathe frequently but was unable to speak reply or exhibit evidence of a response” at any time throughout the ordeal, it added.

The worrisome episode began when a 5-year-old youngster had to be removed from class for “throwing stuff around” and “flipping the chairs,” police claimed.

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According to authorities, the boy was escorted to an empty “cool down” room, where the alleged assault on the instructor took place, before being taken away.

The instructor was transferred to Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, where she was treated and discharged, according to hospital authorities.

While the juvenile suspect is still being investigated for probable “aggravated assault with hands, fists, and feet,” it is doubtful that he would be charged with a crime, according to a police officer who talked to Dailion on Monday morning.

According to the police spokesman, prosecutors would have a difficult time demonstrating that this 5-year-old had the capacity to discriminate between good and wrong.

Anna Fusco, president of the Broward Teachers Union, told Dailion on Monday that the victim is in her late 30s or early 40s and is around 5-foot-4 with a slim physique.

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She sustained a concussion and other injuries when the “enraged” special education kid, between 50 and 60 pounds, unloaded on the instructor, according to the union leader.

According to Fusco, the teacher had been teaching a “exceptional student education” lesson to a “group of children with some form of special needs or special handicap, with all kinds of various diagnoses,” including “children with an autism spectrum disorder.”

“Because of the manner he jumped on her and the way she went backward and struck her head, she had a significant concussion,” Fusco said. “

“She’s had some additional body injuries as a result of his leaping on her, assaulting her, kicking, hitting, and biting her, which will need surgical intervention.”

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Officials with the Broward County Public Schools addressed any queries to the police.

The district, on the other hand, sent a statement from Principal Susan Sasse to parents and employees, in which she acknowledged that “an event happened in school” on Wednesday that necessitated “a staff member being taken to a neighboring medical facility.”

“Our campus was kept safe at all times throughout the event,” Sasse said. “As is always the case, the health, safety, and well-being of our kids and employees remain my top priorities.”

In all, there are almost 800 pupils at the school, who vary in age from pre-kindergarten to the fifth grade.


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