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Devin Booker Explains Why His Relationship With Kendall Jenner Isn’t “Hard”

Devin Booker Explains Why His Relationship With Kendall Jenner Isn't "Hard"

During a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, the 25-year-old NBA player made a rare public statement about his supermodel girlfriend, who is also his girlfriend. When asked whether it’s “difficult” to have the public’s attention drawn to their personal life, Devin responded in an unexpectedly open manner.

“I wouldn’t say it was difficult,” the Phoenix Suns’ guard confessed. “Actually, I’m having the time of my life, and I’m surprised that phrase slipped off my mouth so readily since it hasn’t always been this way, but I’m in a wonderful position at the moment. I adore my family, I adore the people in my immediate vicinity, and I adore the influence that I am able to have on this planet, on the younger generation that comes after me, and on the children who look up to me.”

While the duo is typically discreet about their relationship, Kendall did pay homage to her “best buddy” with a brief yet heartfelt Instagram birthday message in October 2021, which can be seen here.

Also in his interview with the Wall Street Journal, Devin related a narrative about his life-changing final interaction with the late Kobe Bryant, who advised him to pursue his dreams “become a legend”.

Specifically, Devin referred to it as “the counsel that Kobe had left me within the little time I got to spend with him during our final game playing against each other.” “He placed a mark on my shoe and scrawled the words ‘Be legendary’ on the bottom of the shoe. Not only did he write it on the shoe and sign it for me, but he also spent the whole time taking me through it and going through the steps that I would need to do to get to where I wanted to go. In the past, Kobe has served as an inspiration, and hearing it in his voice and seeing it in his handwriting on the shoes keeps me inspired.”

Kendall and Devin’s famous relationship is brought to life in the photos below, which include some of their sweetest moments.

Romance Rewind

Kendall and the Phoenix Suns star officially began dating in June 2020, after weeks of romance rumors swirled around the two of them. In June 2021, they marked their one-year anniversary with a series of Instagram Story postings, which went viral.

Devin Booker Explains Why His Relationship With Kendall Jenner Isn't "Hard"
Instagram/Kendall Jenner


September 2021: International Romance

This Labor Day weekend, Kendall and Devin took their romance to the next level by traveling to the Italian coastline.

Instagram/ Kendall Jenner


June 2021: One Year

Kendall also posted this snapshot of the two on her Instagram Stories to commemorate the one-year anniversary of their romance. Kendall and Justin are currently dating.

Instagram/Kendall Jenner


June 2021: Happy Anniversary

After one year of dating, Kendall posted this snapshot of the two of them on her Instagram Stories to commemorate the milestone of their love.

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