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DePaul Athletics Partners with Laureus USA’s Sport for Good Chicago

DePaul Athletics Partners with Laureus USA’s Sport for Good Chicago

Image Source: DePaul Blue Demons

CHICAGO (CBS) — DePaul Athletics has formed a collaboration with Laureus USA in order to become a member of Sport for Good Chicago, a coalition of more than 80 local groups working to increase access to, and equality in, youth sports across the Chicago metropolitan area. Organizers from member groups collaborate through coordinating awareness-raising campaigns, forming collaborative alliances, and increasing access to high-quality youth development training for coaches. As the first university sports department in Chicago to join the coalition, DePaul Athletics will join a distinguished group of partners that includes Girls in the Game, Chicago Run, and XS Tennis, among others.

 “We are happy to welcome DePaul Athletics as a member of Sport for Good Chicago,” said Ben Schornack, Laureus USA’s Chicago Program Officer. “We look forward to working with DePaul Athletics in the future.” “Sport has the ability to transform lives, and DePaul Athletics believes that every Chicagoan, from a young child participating in sports for the first time to a college player, can benefit from the incredible power of sport. Because of this collaboration, we will be able to provide chances for both athletes and coaches to learn from and develop with one another.”

The Laureus USA and DePaul University are collaborating with The Center for Healing and Justice Through Sport (CHJS) to launch a series of training that will be available to all Sport for Good Chicago members, including all DePaul Athletics coaches, to start off the collaboration.

 Sports, according to DeWayne Peevy, Vice President and Director of Athletics at DePaul University, “is such a tremendous force.” “It has the ability to inspire us, unify us, create inclusiveness, and provide a voice to those who do not have one. Alternatively, as Nelson Mandela famously said, “Sport has the potential to transform the world.” As members of DePaul Athletics, we are committed to upholding our university’s Vincentian principles and working to advance the university’s commitment to its urban mission. In partnership with Sport for Good Chicago, we want to be deliberate in developing leaders among our student-athletes and coaches and is having an impact in the Chicago community to address systematic inequity. In collaboration with Laureus USA, I am looking forward to seeing what we can achieve.”

 In the inaugural training session, which will take place on April 19 at Lincoln Park’s Sullivan Athletic Center, participants will learn how sport may aid athletes in their recovery from trauma and stressful experiences. Specifically, the training will be geared for coaches who deal with college or elite-level athletes. For more information on this program, or to access additional training opportunities offered via Sport for Good Chicago.

Sport has the ability to enhance the lives of youngsters and bring communities together, and Laureus USA is a non-profit grant-making organization that seeks to do so via the power of sport. Investing $20 million in sports-based youth development organizations across the country since 2012 has had a positive impact on the lives of more than one million young people. These organizations use sport to improve physical and mental health, improve educational and employment outcomes, and address critical social justice issues, all while empowering young people. Additionally, we have supplied over 14,000 coaches with training that is centered on good kid development and social-emotional learning. It is a part of the worldwide Laureus network, which consists of seven National Laureus Sport for Good Foundations, one Global Foundation, the Laureus World Sports Academy (and its ambassadors), and the Laureus World Sports Awards, among other entities.

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