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After Just One Day, The Most Often Requested Additions For The Steam Deck

After Just One Day, The Most Often Requested Additions For The Steam Deck

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It’s been a whole day since Steam Deck, Valve’s new portable PC gaming system, made its debut in the hands of excited gamers across the world. Starting with some pretty odd prototypes, Valve went on to develop one of the most significant affordable gaming PCs on the market, as well as a great portable gaming device, both of which are now available. Of course, no product debuts to universal acclaim, so here are the most often requested additions for the Steam Deck based on its first day of usage.

Early users have submitted a total of 26 feature requests to the Stream Deck’s community Steam page, which can be seen here. Some of the most popular, often requested and rewarded requests within the group have primarily to do with the device’s keyboard configuration choices, which are discussed further below. It makes sense, given how much having a simple-to-use keyboard may assist with productivity. Console gaming has always been hampered by a lack of good onscreen keyboard choices, and PC gamers have learned to demand a little more from their keyboards.
A significant number of users have expressed a desire for the split trackpad typing arrangement that the Steam Controller employs. According to comments on the Steam Deck page, people were able to write using the trackpad in conjunction with the triggers due to this, which might be a game-changer. In the best-case scenario, this configuration option becomes available sooner rather than later.

Those who like more control over their keyboard selections are among those who seek it. Some desire the ability to manually change the critical order to be more appropriate for their linguistic preferences. In contrast, others would want to handle the touchscreen bindings more thoroughly, similar to the Steam Link app on a touchscreen phone, which is also desired by others. The possibility of using it as a virtual keyboard while docked is also mentioned, which seems like it may be convenient.

There is a slew of non-keyboard-related recommendations, but none with quite as much support as the ones listed above. Other fascinating concepts that I hope Valve adopts include the ability to customize the performance of individual games while they are being played. Given that the Stream Deck is a portable device, the ability to significantly reduce the processing load on simpler on-the-go games might result in significant battery life savings. Profiles seem to be a convenient approach to seamlessly managing things.

The addition of after-session surveys for titles that have not been validated for inclusion on the Stream Deck is another suggestion that seems to be highly reasonable. Plenty of games continues to function well even though they are not formally supported, allowing the gaming community to communicate with one another. A poll where individuals share their experiences seems like the best approach to deal with this until other games are officially allowed to be played on the platform in all of its forms and variations. 

Finally, a request has received much support and is extremely important to my heart. It asks that the Steam Deck be sent to Australia as soon as possible. Please! That’s a request I can wholeheartedly support and endorse. Hopefully, as Valve has promised, the supply will increase, and we will begin to see these systems on our shores in the not-too-distant future. 

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