Is there a tropic of Sir Galahad?

Is there a tropic of Sir Galahad?

Concerning the road, “The tropic of Sir Galahad,” Sir Galahad is a knight of legend in King Arthur’s court docket, however what he has to do with a tropic isn’t clear. Like many of the references on this tune, Dewey Bunnell used poetic license to create them, as they stored the tune flowing and added intrigue.

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Who wrote Sir Galahad?


Who wrote Tin Man?

Miranda Lambert

What does the Tin Man Want?

…search of a mind, a Tin Man (Jack Haley) on the lookout for a coronary heart, and a Cowardly Lion (Bert Lahr) in want of some braveness. They’re stricken by the witch on their journey however handle to succeed in the Emerald Metropolis.

Did the Tin Man Die in Wizard of Oz?

Jack Haley, 79, who performed the shy and diffident Tin Woodman within the movie basic “The Wizard of Oz,” died yesterday on the UCLA Medical Middle in Los Angeles after a coronary heart assault. Collectively they set off down the Yellow Brick Street “to see the Wizard, the great Wizard of Oz,” within the Emerald Metropolis.

Who saved the queen of the mice from the wildcat?

The Tin Woodman

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What does the witch threaten to do to Dorothy?

The woman needed to work laborious in the course of the day, and infrequently the Witch threatened to beat her with the identical outdated umbrella she all the time carried in her hand. However, in fact, she didn’t dare to strike Dorothy, as a result of of the mark upon her brow. The kid didn’t know this, and was full of worry for herself and Toto.

How did the Golden Cap assist Dorothy?

Dorothy regarded contained in the Golden Cap and noticed some phrases written upon the liner. These, she thought, have to be the allure, so she learn the instructions rigorously and put the Cap upon her head.

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What did the winged monkeys assist the witch do?

Twice already the Depraved Witch had used the allure of the Cap. As soon as was when she had made the Winkies her slaves, and set herself to rule over their nation. The Winged Monkeys had helped her do that. So the Depraved Witch took the Golden Cap from her cabinet and positioned it upon her head.

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