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When it comes to playing darts, there are a variety of different styles that people use. Some people prefer to hold the dart in their hand and throw it like a dart, while others prefer to use a machine to do the work for them. People use a few different types of machines to play darts, but the front-loaded dart is by far the most popular. This machine allows you to load the dart into the front of the machine, making it easy to aim and throw. If you are looking for a front-loaded dart machine, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. First, you must ensure that the machine is durable and well-made. Second, you must ensure the machine is easy to use. Here are the top five front-loaded dart machines that you should consider:

Top 5 Best Front Loaded Darts Products Reviews

Fat Cat Predator 80% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts with Storage/Travel Case, 23 Grams

Fat Cat Predator 80% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts with Storage/Travel Case, 23 Grams


  • Designed with high quality, 80% tungsten and 20% nickel barrels which offer exceptional balance and styling in a slim profile
  • Each barrel has strategically placed knurled bands, deep grooves and rings that make excellent gripping points and encourages consistent hand placement
  • Diamond-cut aluminum shafts feature locking holes which allow for a tighter fitting that improves stability and greatly reduces the need to retighten during play
  • Includes an additional set of convex nylon shafts, flights, flight protectors and a dart mechanic wrench; Each steel tip dart weighs 23 grams
  • Darts and accessories are fashionably stored and protected in the Deluxe Dart Pal case, which features a soft cloth lining and a hard outer shell

CUESOUL Black Scorpion 24g Tungsten Steel Tip Dart Set,Barrel with Golden Titanium...

CUESOUL Black Scorpion 24g Tungsten Steel Tip Dart Set,Barrel with Golden Titanium Coated Finished


  • 3* 90% BLACK SCORPION 24g Tungsten barrel,well balance with nice grip ,golden titanium coated
  • Barrel weight:24g ,diameter:7.2mm(Max.),length:50mm,point 27mm
  • 6* crystal orange shafts,length 41mm(screw not inlcuded)
  • 6* golden scorpion pattern metallic flights ,6* silver scorpion pattern metallic flights
  • Package with creative book shape box

Bottelsen Hammerhead Original Hammer Head Steel Tip 90% Tungsten Original 26 Gram...

Bottelsen Hammerhead Original Hammer Head Steel Tip 90% Tungsten Original 26 Gram Dart, Black, 9/32"


  • Packaged In A Deluxe Showcase
  • Features 90% Tungsten Barrels
  • Anodized Aluminum Grooved Shafts
  • Package Dimensions: 6.5" L x 3.25" W x 1" H

Bottelsen Hammer Head Steel Tip 90% Tungsten GT 9/32-Inch Diameter 24 Gram Dart

Bottelsen Hammer Head Steel Tip 90% Tungsten GT 9/32-Inch Diameter 24 Gram Dart


  • Package in a Deluxe "Croco" Case
  • Features 90% Tungsten Barrel
  • GT Screw-in Shaft with O-Ringl

Shot! Darts Roman Empire Caesar Steel Tip Dart Set Center Weighted 95% Tungsten...

Shot! Darts Roman Empire Caesar Steel Tip Dart Set Center Weighted 95% Tungsten Barrels (23)


  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE STEEL TIP DART SET- This quality tungsten dart set refines every throw to make you the master of your game. Precision machined barrel concepts, and enhanced visual appeal make this dart set a real powerhouse of performance and style. Enjoy these darts at dart tournaments, in games at the bar, home, office and games rooms.
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY DARTS FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS- This dart set has been designed with a secure grip for beginners but has the durability for dart professionals, so whether you are an experienced darts player or if you are new to the game, these darts will fit the bill. Our darts have clearly defined grip zones, to support high scoring potential and supply fixed reference points along the barrel which will add consistency to your throw.
  • IMPROVE YOUR TARGETING- Designed for players who want to improve their dart game. This dart set is designed for maximum aerodynamics and tight grouping, engineered at our factory, refined by cutting edge CAD software then tested by dart players for pinpoint accuracy. Each dart runs the gauntlet to bear the Shot Darts name.
  • MADE IN NEW ZEALAND- Since 1970, Shot Darts dedication is to bring you the best professional and quality darts on the market. 100% SATISFACTION PROMISE-We stand behind the high quality of our products. All Shot Tungsten dart barrels have a lifetime guarantee. When you purchase a 90% Tungsten Dart Set, they are matched weighted by hand at our factory to a tolerance of +/-0.05gm, which means better overall results.
  • IMPRESSIVE DESIGNS - Our innovative dart designs reflect our commitment to individuality and set us apart from the competitor. Each dart set has its own individually designed dart flights which fit the range theme. Durable dart shafts included, so you are ready to start playing right away. Throwing darts is fun, it’s a game you can play with family or friends, anyone from any age or fitness level can play. Darts make a perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, Father’s and Mother’s Day.


Overview of Dart Types

Darts come in various materials, such as tungsten, brass, nickel/silver, and wooden darts. The most popular dart among league throwers is the tungsten dart.

High-density tungsten reduces bounce-outs by reducing wear and enabling barrels to be thinner for tighter groupings while maintaining the dart’s weight. When buying tungsten darts, the amount of tungsten in the dart barrels should be considered because it significantly affects the dart’s quality.

The higher the proportion, the better and more expensive the dart. Brass and nickel/silver are softer and less costly metals used to make darts. Due to skin oils, friction, and touch with other darts, the knurling on these darts may disintegrate more quickly than on tungsten darts. Despite these drawbacks, brass and nickel darts remain excellent and cost-effective.

Dart Weights

Try out all of the available possibilities; you owe it to yourself. Darts are available with weights ranging from 12 to 50 grams. Most dart organisations allow darts up to 50 grams, though it is uncommon to see someone throw a dart heavier than 30 grams.

The weight you choose will depend partly on how quickly you throw the dart. You must toss the dart harder and faster, the lighter it is. Another crucial factor is the weight’s placement on the dart barrel. Some darts are back-weighted, while others are front-loaded or heavier at the front of the dart.
You can learn what works best for you by trying them all.

Dart Barrel Grips

The next step is to experiment with the various barrel grips offered in your selected weight. While some dart barrels are smooth, others have deep knurling. Usually, the simpler it is to handle the dart, the heavier the knurling.

However, extremely tight knurling might make darts stick to your fingers and interfere with your accuracy. There are various dart barrels that the average dart player can use. Just be sure to select the option that feels the most comfortable.

Dart Flights

Flights come in various sizes and designs, with smooth and bumpy surfaces. Your game may be impacted by the size and style of your flights. For instance, darts will move more slowly and steadily across dimpled surfaces.

Until you are comfortable with your final configuration, try all dart flight sizes and designs, but don’t be scared to experiment as time goes on. Standard and thin are the two most widely used sizes.

Barrel Length

This is a crucial component of the darts. There are some darts with extremely short barrels and others with long barrels. Those with large hands tend to choose longer barrels because smaller barrels are more challenging to throw. Choose the option with which you are most comfortable.

Dart Shafts

Dart shafts are available in various designs and materials, including spinning, composite, carbon fibre, and plastic.

Plastic or Nylon: Cheap, numerous colour options, but many shatter quite readily. These shafts will be effective for most players until you start throwing tight groups regularly and breaking lots of posts. It is usually made of nylon or polycarbonate.

Solid Aluminum: Aluminum shafts come in various vibrant designs and are more sturdy and long-lasting than plastic or composite ones. Some even include beautiful engravings like engraved stripes, flutes, or spirals. Especially with hefty darts, they could tend to vibrate loosely. Fortunately, you may prevent this by placing rubber o-rings between your darts’ shafts and barrels. When used with thick flights, such as Dimplex or nylon, the slots might need to be slightly pried open with a dart tool or knife blade. Will typically bend rather than break when impacted; simply straighten for greater use.

Carbon-Fiber, Carbon-Composite: Although slightly more expensive than plastic or nylon shafts, carbon-fibre shafts are typically lightweight and highly robust. The accuracy of your darts will be maintained over time with high-quality carbon dart shafts (like L-Style Carbon shafts), which have the durability of an aluminium shaft without the risk of loosening in the barrel or bending.

Spinning: Many different shaft designs now enable the fly to turn away when another dart strikes it. Although spinning shafts do not enhance dart flight in the air, they help closer groupings by allowing the flights to coincide. These shafts will significantly lessen deflections, “robin-hooded” shafts, and torn flights.

Composite: Composite shafts, like the Alamo or Quiver, feature tops made of aluminium or a metal alloy that hold the flight in place and plastic bases that thread into the dart. These shafts work well, are sturdy, and won’t rattle loose from the barrel as frequently as aluminium shafts. For convenience and cost savings, interchangeable tops are commonly offered.


There is a multitude of advantages to a front-loaded dart. They are the first darts that ever came out. They are also the smallest cross bow darts. Front-loaded darts also allow for an easier shot and more accurate shot. Most darts have a softer tip, which helps with scoring.

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