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Shahnaz Shimul Is A Multi-Faceted Individual Who Works As A Beauty Influencer And An Entrepreneur

From beauty influencer to an entrepreneur, Shahnaz Shimul does it all

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In the tiny village of Sirajganj, a suburban girl from an affluent family had a strong interest in cosmetics at an early age. Her ambition was to one day become one of the world’s most talented makeup artists. Despite her modest beginnings, people in her neighborhood initially scoffed at her aspirations, but they also recognized her as the greatest beautician in the region. She has come halfway towards realizing her dream. She is the first Bangladeshi beauty influencer to get a ‘Golden Play Button’ from the YouTube community. Shahnaz Shimul (34) is one of the most popular Bangladeshi influencers on social media, and her beauty advice is sought after by women of all ages and backgrounds.

Shahnaz is a British-Bangladeshi YouTuber who began her career in 2014 with a series of videos on the platform. At the time, the Bangladeshi beauty industry was not up to pace with international beauty standards and could not compete. On the other hand, Shahnaz’s simple cosmetic instructions and inexpensive hacks helped her acquire millions of visitors. She has more than 1.35 million YouTube subscribers and 1.4 million Facebook followers, according to her profile.
Everything, from content creation to video production, is handled entirely by her. On the other hand, Shahnaz is primarily a makeup artist, despite her many different personas.

In an interview with The Business Standard, she said she prefers to identify herself first as a beauty artist, then as a YouTuber, and lastly as an entrepreneur. “I never imagined that I would get such a large amount of support in such a short period. However, as a devoted cosmetics fan, I was eager to establish a respectable position in the beauty business for myself.” Shahnaz Shimul is one of the most well-known YouTubers in Bangladesh, and she has a large and dedicated following. Her cosmetics and skincare tutorials are the centerpieces of her material. Furthermore, she does thorough product evaluations to assist her large following in making the best purchasing decision.

“My ambition to work in the cosmetics industry has always been strong. Back in the early 2010s, I noticed very few Bangla makeover videos available on YouTube. As a result, I began YouTubing to share my love and drive to educate others about beauty and skincare. “She went on to say more. “My late spouse, Ronnie Rahman, has had a significant impact on my decision to go thus far,” Shimul said. Women from the most rural parts of the nation continue to depend on their simple-to-understand lectures to this very day. It was surprising to see how quickly she accumulated other fans of all ages and genders while in quarantine. Shahnaz Shimul Vlogz’s second, more personal YouTube channel has 653,000 followers, partly owing to her popularity on that channel.

“After my spouse passed away in 2018, I decided to create my vlogging channel. Sharing my lifestyle with my followers and engaging with them provided me with a feeling of calm, “she said. “My vlogs were also well-liked by my viewers since they were amusing. Especially during the first several days of the closure, when people had nothing to do, they found my daily vlogs to be entertaining.” Following their relocation to the United Kingdom in 2013, Shahnaz’s husband encouraged her to pursue a career as a professional makeup artist.
In 2014, she, on the other hand, decided to take her dream to the next level. She received her ‘City and Guild Level 2: media hair and makeup’ and ‘Level 3: beauty makeup skills’ certifications from MET, which she finished at Brighton University.

“Initially, many were hesitant about my decision to pursue a career in cosmetics, but it is only now that I realize how enthusiastic I am about the field,” she added. Shahnaz also teaches cosmetics seminars in Bangladesh, which she does voluntarily. There are hundreds and in some cases thousands, of individuals who come to these gatherings. Both men and women participate in Shahnaz’s training classes, and she is overjoyed to observe how more and more individuals are becoming open-minded with each passing day.
Shahnaz’s spouse was a successful businessman who worked as a senior data analyst. He introduced her to the fundamentals of business. Today, Shahnaz is also a successful entrepreneur, continuing in the footsteps of her late husband and ensuring that his legacy is carried on.

To provide her company, ‘Shahnaz,’ she now imports items from the United Kingdom, offering cosmetics and skincare products. Nonetheless, in response to high demand, she grows her business by importing items from the United States and South Korea. Even though Shahnaz is a British citizen, she does her company in Bangladesh. As a result, it is not uncommon for her to go often to the nation. The singer-songwriter hopes to offer actual Bangladeshi attire and jewelry to her UK following in the future as part of her mission to familiarize people with Bangladeshi culture.

We inquired whether it was tough for a lady to live alone in a strange nation. She responded firmly, stating that it is not that difficult to have a fulfilling life of kindness. She enjoys motivating women to be self-sufficient and make a livelihood on their own merits, which she writes. Shahnaz is often referred to as one of the most empowering women in the influencer community, and for a good reason.
“I do not want our ladies to lag in their careers. I’m not even interested in achieving success due to the failures of others. To help all ships rise, I constantly recommend emerging cosmetic artists or social media influencers to my readers.”

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