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Cornerstone Names LNA Of The Year, Awards Laars: Seacoast Health News

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ROCHESTER — Kathryn Howard has been selected as Cornerstone VNA’s Licensed Nursing Assistant of the Year. Cornerstone VNA is a local nonprofit organisation providing home health and hospice care. In February of 2021, Howard started working at Cornerstone VNA, and she quickly established a reputation for providing excellent care and maintaining a high standard of performance. She is an asset to Cornerstone VNA and her local community since she amazingly conducts her work, treats patients with respect and decency, and cares for them.

“Kathryn has a one-of-a-kind skill set, and she leverages it to develop therapeutic connections, which makes her an amazing licensed nursing assistant,” stated Stacey Genest, RN, MSN, Home Care Team Manager. Genest says, “Kathryn is constantly motivated to acquire new skills, and she is skilled in aiding with installing and uninstalling telehealth equipment in the patient’s home, performing minor wound care, and blood tests for patients who are taking Coumadin, a medicine that thins the blood.” These extra abilities offer value to her LNA function within the agency, and we appreciate her contributions to them.

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In addition to providing patients with the highest possible level of care and a satisfying experience, Howard consistently goes above and beyond his responsibilities. As a result of her high ethical standards and extensive knowledge in the fields of hospice care, acute care, and home care, she is an outstanding mentor to newly hired employees. She serves as an excellent resource for her contemporaries and is a model employee at Cornerstone VNA. She genuinely cares for people’s health and happiness, and she continuously seeks ways to improve the situation.

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In addition, Genest says, “Kathryn’s purpose is to provide quality patient care, and it is abundantly clear that healthcare is her passion.” She finds fulfilment in being of service to others and is quick to acknowledge her contributions.

Licensed Nursing Assistants, such as Howard, are responsible for providing fundamental patient care, assisting registered nurses with their procedures, and, in many cases, assisting patients with their “activities of daily living,” which may include helping them with their hygiene, meal preparation, or medication self-administration. LNAs are frequently the unsung heroes in the lives of seniors and persons with disabilities because they offer the care that is necessary to assist folks in remaining in their homes as they age.

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