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A student from Class X comes up with the concept of creating a virtual forum for young artists to showcase their work

Class X student comes up with idea of virtual platform for young artists

Image Source: Telegraph India

Not only did the epidemic and the lockdown bring out the best in Arsh Singhal’s artistic abilities, but they also kindled the entrepreneurial spirit in the Class X lad at Amity International School, Noida, as well.

At ThinQbator 2022, an international business plan competition organized by Amity University in collaboration with Canadian Universities and Industries, Arsh’s company, ArtBay, earned him the distinction of Most Engaging Entrepreneur for his efforts.
In an interview with Arsh, Edugraph learned more about ArtBay and what he has planned for

the future. The following are excerpts from the conversation:

bay is a company concept that I have developed for two years. When the first lockdown occurred, it was only a few days before an art show I had planned with my family, which forced us to cancel the event. The whole thing caused a commotion in my family, and I was pretty dissatisfied. Then the idea of having an online exhibition occurred to me. However, there was no outlet for emerging artists such as myself.

Who would be willing to provide a chance to a high school student?

I realized that there was no one platform for youngsters to show or sell their works of art. As a result, I decided to build a platform similar to Amazon and Flipkart to advertise their works of art online. It would also include an exhibition component, where individuals could go to a metaverse gallery and purchase artworks that were on display.

What stage are you at with it, and when do you intend to launch

The concept is still in the form of a sketch. It’s merely a model with the logo already printed on it. I want to have it up and running as quickly as possible. This will need the assistance of others.

Have you seen the Indian version of Shark Tank?

Yes, I am a massive fan of Shark Tank. Shark Tank has been broadcast in India, Australia, and the United States. I like the way the program portrays fresh concepts and thoughts. It’s an excellent platform. If I had to select one Shark to serve as a role model, I would choose Piyush Goyal, the founder of Lenskart, since he is a true visionary. I admire his ability to remain calm, compassionate, and funny in the face of adversity. His personality is one of my favorites. He’s a self-made guy, which is something I love about him. Even more, if I had to choose the most entertaining Shark, it would have to be Ashneer Grover, creator of Bharatpur. He is unafraid to express himself and is direct. That is one of the things that makes the program so enjoyable.

In what position do you envisage yourself once you complete your education?

The realization of ArtBay is something I am interested in seeing come to fruition. My father is a successful businessman, and I want to be like him. He is my hero, and I have seen him leave his corporate position to create his own company. He is my role model. I want to pursue a degree in finance or a closely related field in college. I think it will be beneficial to me as a businessperson.

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