Which sentence best uses parallel structure Brainly?

Which sentence best uses parallel structure Brainly?

Reply: The sentence that accurately uses parallel structure is the third one: My best good friend likes watching films and enjoying basketball. Rationalization: A parallel structure is a building that repeats the identical sample of phrases or grammatical kind.

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What does parallel grammar imply?

Parallel structure (additionally known as parallelism) is the repetition of a selected grammatical kind inside a sentence. By making every in contrast merchandise or concept in your sentence observe the identical grammatical sample, you create a parallel building. Instance Not Parallel: Ellen likes mountaineering, the rodeo, and to take afternoon naps.

Which sentence best uses parallel structure my sisters are all creative?

My sisters are all creative—Patricia writes, Mary sculpts, and Elizabeth composes. Parallel structure is when the gadgets in a listing are all written in the identical grammatical structure. Within the right reply (A), the grammatical structure of the checklist is Topic-Verb.

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Which sentence accurately uses parallel structure my dad and mom?

The proper reply is: My dad and mom worth, honesty, integrity and accountability. One of many methods to assemble parallel sentences is thru conjunctions.

What’s the function of a compound sentence?

Use compound sentences to create advanced communications, including element and richness to what in any other case can be a much less informative easy sentence. Compound sentences can be utilized so as to add rationale, to make a easy sentence extra persuasive. Compound sentences should not have to be advanced.

How do you employ a comma in a compound sentence?

Use a comma to separate unbiased clauses in a compound sentence when they’re separated by a conjunction. The comma goes after the primary clause and earlier than the coordinating conjunction that separates the clauses.

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What number of major clauses are there in a compound sentence?

A COMPOUND-COMPLEX SENTENCE has two unbiased clauses joined to a number of dependent clauses.

What number of clauses are there?

Acknowledge a clause whenever you discover one. Clauses are available 4 varieties: major (or unbiased), subordinate (or dependent), adjective (or relative), and noun. Each clause has a minimum of one topic and one verb.

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