What does Nini mean in Italian?

Interjection. nini. (colloquial) lo!, look!

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Furthermore, what’s a Nini?

NiNi” has cropped up as a colloquial Spanish contraction combining “neither” and “nor,” referring to youth who are usually not learning or employed. The time period often has the connotation of being lazy and Alberto’s mother is nervous that he is likely to be headed down this path.

Moreover, what does Cicci mean in Italian? *Candy: “Sweetheart” interprets as “innamorato/a,” which sounds too formal in Italian. ” Sweetie” is best, however reasonably than “dolcezza,” you would possibly say “ciccia,” “ciccina” or “cicci”–words that I, like many foreigners, mistakenly thought meant “fatty.”

Additionally, what does Nini mean in Chinese language?

– nĭ (you in Chinese language) Deutsch.

What does Stunad in Italian mean?

Stunad. New Phrase Suggestion. [Italian slang] a silly individual.

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What is a Nani?

Nani is a Japanese phrase which means (What!) in this context, whereas the remainder of the phrase interprets to “you might be already lifeless”. daleindaclub.

What does Nene in Spanish mean?

English Translation of NENE

: child, small baby.

What Nani known as in English?

Nani in english is known as maternal grandmother. Grandmother is from mom’s facet so maternal grandmother. If you wish to know what would you name your “dadi” then they’re known as paternal grandmother since she is out of your father’s facet.

What does shave my ninny mean?

ninny. Use the phrase ninny for somebody who’s extremely silly — in different phrases, a dope or a nitwit. You would possibly warn your brother to not be a ninny when he is nearly to pop a whole scorching chile in his mouth. Ninny is apt for somebody who’s foolish and silly, nevertheless it’s additionally insulting and needs to be used with care.

What does Nini mean in Greek?

The phrase nini is used in Greek that means child.

What does Nino mean in slang?

Which means. NINO. Nothing In Nothing Out. exhibiting solely Slang/Web Slang definitions (present all 4 definitions)

What is Hao in English?

English translation of ? ( hao / hăo ) – good in Chinese language.

What does nai nai mean in Chinese language?

Juliet Nai nai (??) is the Chinese language phrase for grandma, and it specifies to your father’s mom.

What is your identify in Chinese language?

what’s your identify? ????(?)??? (nǐ jiào shénme míngzi?)

What does wo in Chinese language mean?

my | we ? ( wo / wŏ ) belongs to the ten most typical Chinese language characters (rank 7) Chinese language instance phrases containing the character ? ( wo / wŏ ) ???? ( wŏ yī gè rén = me alone ), ?? ( wŏmen = we )

What does mei you mean in Chinese language?

Mei youmeansdo not have”. for instance: “wo mei you qian”, means “I haven’t got cash”.

What does Cici stand for?

The identify Cici means “blind; sixth”. Cici is an alternate spelling of Cecilia (Latin, Outdated Welsh).

What does chooch mean in Italian?

a time period for an fool, moron, or any phrase that can be utilized to explain a cussed and customary sense-lacking individual. The Italian ciuccio, which “chooch” is derived from, is actually a pacifier for kids. However in the southern elements of Italy, it will possibly mean a donkey or an ass, lending us the definition of a jackass.

What is a Gavone?

A gavone will be somebody who eats to a lot, eats like a pig (grande porco). This might be a very good outdated adulterated, mispronunciation of the phrase Cafone, which mean poor or peasant.

What does jabroni mean in Italian?

Jabroni is admittedly an Italian profanity. It’s slang for ass gap or dumb ass. Which means of Jabroni and Definition of Jabroni.

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