What does Fascile mean?

What does Fascile imply?

adjective. shifting, performing, working, continuing, and so forth., with ease, generally with superficiality: facile fingers; a facile thoughts. simply accomplished, carried out, used, and so forth.: a facile victory; a facile methodology. straightforward or unconstrained, as manners or individuals.

What is a synonym for facile?

Some frequent synonyms of facile are straightforward, easy, mild, easy, and clean.

What is the alternative of facile in French?

facile. Antonyms: arduous, tough, exhausting, onerous, laborious, onerous, extreme, toilsome, making an attempt.

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Is facile female or masculine?

The Italian phrase for straightforward or easy is facile. As you’ve in all probability guessed, it shares the identical origin because the English phrase facile (that means simplistic). Each come from the Latin facilis that means straightforward. The singular facile is used to explain each masculine and female topics and there is just one plural (facili).

What does barbant imply in French?

[baʀbɑ̃ ] Phrase varieties: barbant, barbante. adjective. (casual) lethal boring.

What is the alternative of beaucoup in French?

peu is an adverb of amount. Its reverse is the adverb beaucoup.

How do you utilize un peu?

Used with countable issues it means a few, some, a number of.

  1. Il a quelques livres à lire. He has a number of books to learn. J’ai acheté quelques bougies pour décorer ma chambre.
  2. J’ai un peu de lait. I’ve somewhat (little bit of) milk. Tu t’es amusé hier? – Un peu.
  3. Nous avons peu d’argent. We’ve little cash.

What is the alternative of froid?


Is Peu masculine or female in French?

Associated classes

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Female adjective English Irregular adverb
bonne good bien
mauvaise dangerous mal
petite small peu
moindre lesser moins

How do you pronounce un peu in French?

Say “uh” out of your nostril. Whenever you say “poo” say it together with your lips within the place you’ll have them once you say “ee”. It’s sort of like midway between “oo” and “ee”.

What is the alternative of Mal in French?

Up to date March 06, 2017. The French phrases bon and bien, mauvais and mal are sometimes combined up. It’s because the 2 pairs have related meanings: bon and bien are constructive whereas mauvais and mal are damaging.

Is garlic female or masculine in French?

The French translation for “the garlic” is l’ail. The French, l’ail, could be damaged down into 2 components:”the (masculine, earlier than a vowel sound)” (l’) and “garlic” (ail).

Is Strawberry female or masculine in French?


English French
1. strawberry fraise (female noun)
2. strawberry (noun) fraisier (masculine noun)
3. strawberry à la fraise
4. strawberry de fraise

Is Cabbage female or masculine in French?

for female nouns and (m.) for masculine nouns….10 Autumn Greens it’s good to know in French.

mushroom le champignon
beetroot (Brit.) or beet (Am.) la betterave
cabbage le chou
spinach les épinards (m.)
celery le céleri

Is Carrot female or masculine in French?

No, “carotte” is a female noun. There isn’t a “un carrot” in French.

Is celery masculine or female?


French English
1. branche de céleri (female noun) stick of celery (noun)
2. céleri-rave (masculine noun) celeriac (noun)
3. une branche de céleri a stick of celery
4. céleri branche (masculine noun) celery

Is spinach masculine or female?

épinards (masculine plural noun) (theoretically it has a singular however that is by no means used) = spinach (by no means pronounce the ‘s’ on the finish of the phrase).

Is courgette masculine or female?

courgettes {female plural}

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