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PUBG Event Will Be Curated And Hosted By Wondr Gaming On The Gamelancer Network For IHC Esports The Prize Pool Is $50,000

PUBG Event Will Be Curated And Hosted By Wondr Gaming On The Gamelancer Network For IHC Esport The Prize Pool Is $50,000

TORONTO, March 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – The City of Toronto is launching a new public transportation system. A special PUBG tournament for IHC – one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in Asia – will be hosted by Wondr Gaming Corp. (CSE: WDR) (CSE: WDR.WT) (the “Company” or “Wondr Gaming”). Along with having its cryptocurrency listed on various cryptocurrency exchanges across the world, including its own exchange, X-Meta, IHC also owns the Zeus E-sports Team (one of the top PUBG esports teams in Asia) and the Team Checkmate gaming organization (one of the leading CS:GO e-sports teams in Asia).

With the recent increase in global inflation, the International Humanitarian Coalition (IHC) was established to assist people in underdeveloped nations in preparing themselves financially to cope with the growing expenses of everyday life. IHC provides unique value to each coin bearer due to the fact that its coin is linked to inflation.” Wondr is delighted to assist IHC in providing more usefulness to its coin holders via the organization of a bespoke PUBG event geared to raise awareness of IHC throughout the world.

The TikTok Gamelancer TikTok Wondr selected bespoke PUBG activation will be broadcast over the world’s largest gaming network. Gamelancer’s network consists of more than 20 channels with a combined following of over 26,500,000 people and over 1,000,000,000 monthly views. Wondr Gaming is the go-to utility player for firms like IHC who want to take use of the gaming community in order to expand their customer base.” – Dr. Robert Palmer, Senior Vice President & Head of Loyalty at Wondr Gaming, in an interview.

About Wondr Gaming

Through its loyalty and rewards programs, non-financial transactions (NFTs), and media business, Wondr Gaming, a publicly traded entertainment company on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE: WDR) (CSE: WDR.WT), builds partnerships and fosters community within the esports, professional sports, and music industries. Direct media and programmatic sales hosted on GameLancer’s 20+ owned and operated channels, which receive over 1 billion monthly views and have over 26,500,000 followers, are the primary sources of revenue for Wondr Gaming. The company also generates revenue through brand partnerships hosted on its loyalty platform, the sale of NFTs focused on esports, professional sports, and the music industry, and through brand partnerships hosted on its loyalty platform.

About IHC

International Holdings Corporation (IHC) is a blockchain and cryptocurrency corporation based in Mongolia that was founded to give individuals with an alternate method of protecting their savings against inflation. The most significant feature of IHC’s protocols, such as token burning and buy-back schemes, is that they are very useful in combating inflation. As a result of the future On-Chain wallet and the newly announced IHC Payment service, users will now be able to profit from not just trading IHC, but also from utilizing it in their daily lives. IHC Payment lets clients to purchase products and services from over 270,000 different businesses by just scanning a QR code with their mobile device. IHC On-Chain Wallet will be available on all application platforms in the near future, and it will have several significant features such as Lending and Staking IHC.Through these features, IHC holders are now available to secure a loan by using their tokens as collateral and earn rewards by holding their tokens on the Wallet App.

IHC bought Zeus Esports, a major PUBG-focused esports company in Asia, throughout the course of the previous year. Aside from that, IHC just bought Team Checkmate, which is one of the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams in Asia. IHC is bringing together thousands of individuals who have same interests and is growing their community as a result of these investments.

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