What does sk8 mean sexually?

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What does sk8 mean sexually?

{Couples} Skate – City Dictionary. A sexual act of masking a feminine companion in cooking oil (corn, vegetable, Alternatively a strap-on can be utilized to realize a simultaneous penetration of each www.urbandictionary.com • Discovered on Google. Skateboard | Definition of Skateboard at Dictionary.com.

What does 99 mean on Grindr?

99 means “Mother or father stopped watching” So now you already know – 99 means “Mother or father stopped watching” – do not thank us.

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What does Gen mean sexually?

Gen is a label for a fanwork that comprises no romantic or sexual content material, both het (heterosexual) or slash (gay). The time period comes from "basic audiences", the MPAA time period for a child-safe movie. Liberal followers usually see the definition of gen as having 'no slash' [between men or between women] as homophobic.

What does FB mean on Grindr?

FB is like an ongoing one-night stand or booty name. You solely speak to that particular person while you name them for intercourse. It is actually simply intercourse. One-night stand is only one evening of intercourse and no extra. FWB is a good friend, or an individual you speak to and generally hang around with exterior of intercourse, however who you even have intercourse with.

What does BNB mean sexually?

What Does BB Mean? BB often means "Child" when texted or utilized in chat boards. On this context, BB is generally utilized by ladies. In a sexual context, BB means "Barebacking" (i.e., intercourse with no condom).

What does GH mean on Grindr?

gh : good half. ghei : Homosexual. ghey : homosexual. glln : Obtained Laid Final Night time.


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