What does KK mean in texting?

What does KK mean in texting?

Initialism. (Web slang) Okay okay; signifies that no additional clarification is critical for a topic, or that the message was understood and will likely be acted upon with out additional affirmation. (Web slang) Okay cool; a shortened response normally used on the finish of a dialog.

Is bound impolite?

“Certain” if stated politely is an affirmative various to saying “sure”. To be well mannered it is at all times good to say “Certain, I want to ” or “Certain, that might be good” Which continues to be depending on the way you say these phrases. In case you say them sarcastically then it could be impolite.

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What does OK mean in a textual content?

Okay means both settlement or easy acknowledgment that the particular person obtained your textual content.

Are one phrase responses impolite?

One phrase solutions are thought of impolite as a result of they’re typically dismissive, as if you cannot be bothered with the particular person or the query. For instance, somebody might ask, “Did you’ve enjoyable at the moment?” They do not need a easy sure or no. In addition they wish to hear why.

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What does Okayyy mean from a woman?

okayyyy. When somebody is nagging you about one thing and also you need them to be accomplished speaking so that you say okayyyy. okay with extra y’s may very well be taken as impolite and as for those who’re attempting to complete a dialog as fast as attainable as a result of both it is boring you otherwise you simply merely do not care.

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Is KK impolite?

Simply keep in mind to not kind total sentences in all caps, lest you be thought of impolite.” So do not “KK” somebody.

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