What does Feen mean in Irish slang?

noun. Irish dialect a casual phrase for man.

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Thereof, what does Fien mean?

Casual. an individual who’s extraordinarily hooked on some pernicious behavior: an opium fiend. an individual who is extremely expert or gifted in one thing: a fiend at languages.

Equally, is Feen a phrase? Now legions of individuals born after 1977 are saying the phrase Feen. The phrase used which they misheard is Fiend outlined as an individual who’s craving one thing in a maniacle manner. No, “feen” is the phrase.

Thereof, what does lushin mean?

Lushin Means. Thanks! Worldwide Curiosity. Additionally see worldwide curiosity. L is for little, the little belongings you do.

What is a crack fiend?

Crack is a drug that has addictive and controlling properties so “Hooked on crack” would mean that an individual relies on the drug and a “crack fiend” can be an individual that’s addicted the drug.

What is the other of fiend?

Reverse of a really depraved or merciless particular person. angel. good friend. god.

Is fiend a foul phrase?

fiend. 1. A perversely dangerous, merciless, or depraved particular person: archfiend, beast, satan, ghoul, monster, ogre, tiger, vampire.

What does the phrase feigning?

Feigned is an adjective that means “not real,” like your feigned curiosity in your pals’ dialogue of superstar coiffure tendencies. The phrase feigned, pronounce “faynd,” comes from the Previous French phrase feign, which means “fake, imitate, shirk.” Feigned feelings aren’t actual, and subsequently, they’re a bit dishonest.

What rhymes with Feen?

PhraseRhyme rankingClasses
preening100Verb, Noun
gleaning100Verb, Noun
keening100Verb, Noun

What does it mean to feign one thing?

Definition of feign. transitive verb. 1a : to present a false look of : induce as a misunderstanding feign loss of life. b : to claim as if true : fake He feigned that he was not feeling effectively in order that he may go away the get together early.

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