What does CFS mean sexually?

So now you realize – CFS means “Coated Full Service” – do not thank us. YW! What does CFS mean? CFS is an acronym, abbreviation or slang phrase that’s defined above the place the CFS definition is given.

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Herein, what does CFS mean?

Persistent fatigue syndrome

Likewise, what does BLS stand for sexually? BLS means “Blown Like S**t”

In respect to this, what does full home mean sexually?

Within the intercourse work trade, you will need to use terminology that’s respectful. However when purchasers and intercourse staff conform to a “full home”, the emphasis is mostly on the kind of service reasonably than on the time spent. As a part of a “full home”, all sexual companies are provided, together with penetrative intercourse.

What does CSF mean in textual content?

Medical Definition of Cerebrospinal fluid Cerebrospinal fluid: A watery fluid that is constantly produced and absorbed and that flows within the ventricles inside the mind and across the floor of the mind and spinal twine. Abbreviated CSF.

What does CBJ mean?

CBJ Stands For:
Rank Abbreviation That means
* CBJ California Bar Journal Authorized
* CBJ Licensed Barbeque Choose Authorized
* CBJ Condom Blow Job
* CBJ Congressional Funds Justification

What is LFK?

The That means of LFK

LFK means “Mild French Kissing”

What is a vanilla relationship?

Vanilla” is easy sexual relationship. “Kinky” is when a kink is concerned. A kink is one thing you do throughout intercourse that’s uncommon. BDSM is a kink, so a “kinky relationship” is intercourse that entails whips, chains, dominant-submissive roles, and so on.

What does snowboarding mean sexually?

Snowboarding is basically a sequence of more and more wicked intercourse acts between assorted gangs of ladies and guys and I am going to make sure you give them a large berth sooner or later. Completely satisfied nighmares.

What does BTW mean sexually?

BRB – Be proper again. 12. BTW – By the way in which. 13.

What can CSF let you know?

A CSF evaluation might embody exams to diagnose: Infectious illnesses of the mind and spinal twine, together with meningitis and encephalitis. Autoimmune issues, reminiscent of Guillain-Barré Syndrome and a number of sclerosis (MS). CSF exams for these issues search for excessive ranges of sure proteins within the cerebrospinal fluid.

What are ventricles?

A ventricle is one among two giant chambers towards the underside of the center that acquire and expel blood obtained from an atrium in the direction of the peripheral beds inside the physique and lungs. The atrium (an adjoining/higher coronary heart chamber that’s smaller than a ventricle) primes the pump.

What does the abbreviation LP stand for?

Phrase varieties: LPs

LP is an abbreviation for ‘long-playing file. ‘

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