What do you wear to skydive?

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When skydiving, your attire should be loose-fitting and comfortable. When it’s warm outside, we tend to go for athletic wear or activewear products like gym shorts, leggings, or yogis, or t-shirts. For the ideal chilly skydiving outfit, wear thin, insulated base layers under long sleeves and long pants. Bring or don tennis shoes or other footwear regardless of the weather.
Each of our guests is given a skydiving jumpsuit by the Boston skydiving company to wear over their clothing if they’d like for added comfort and coverage.

What To Wear On Your First Tandem Skydive

At Skydive Danielson, we want you to be completely prepared for the most thrilling day of your life when you make your first tandem skydive. A pleasurable and safe skydive depends greatly on the clothing options. On the day of your tandem jump, be sure to bring the following items:

An excellent pair of sneakers

When you jump, sneakers or shoes with flat soles are a must. We will have to ask you to change shoes if you enter our skydiving office wearing boots with hooked laces, heels, sandals, flip flops, etc. (sneakers are available in our office).
Like a baseball player sliding into home base, most parachute landings resemble this. The finest footwear for landings is a pair of sneakers since they protect your feet while gliding on the ground with ease.
Sneakers and shoes with flat soles might help keep your feet secure during landings. Please make sure you pack the appropriate styles of shoes for your special day!

Clothing That Is Comfortable and Active

In all honesty, there aren’t any restrictions on what you can wear for a tandem skydive. Wearing athletic attire is advised, though. Wearing activewear as opposed to a suit and tie or a tight pair of jeans will allow you to arch more freely while also making your harness more comfortable.
It is 30° cooler at 14,000 ft than at sea level due to a phenomenon known as “lapse rate.” For this reason, depending on the temperature of the ground, it is always a good idea to have some thin, light layers or even thermals.
active attire

  • 70º or higher-moisture-wicking athletic apparel, leggings, knee-length shorts
  • 60-70º – athletic apparel plus a layer of thermals or a thin light layer
  • 60º or below-comfortable long pants or shirt, plus 1 or 2 layers of thermals

Avoid Donning Anything Meaningful

Please remember to remove all jewelry before your skydive, including watches, earrings, necklaces, rings, pricey glasses, and more. Put it on the ground if you can’t bear to live without it. We advise leaving your belongings at home, in your car, or inpearls, the care of a bystander. Even though you want your grandmother to be with you in spirit while wearing her beloved pearl If you’re wearing a necklace, it’s simply not worth it to risk losing that priceless item by leaping out of the plane at 14,000 feet.

I wear glasses or contacts; is it okay to skydive?

Yes! Customers are far less likely to lose contact when falling, making them a much better option. We do advise having a second pair of glasses just in case. Our goggles will fit over glasses, but bring Croakies to keep them firmly fastened to your face (available for purchase in the store). Bring a spare pair of glasses in case you lose your current ones.

The fifth and most crucial tip is to smile!

The most important and priceless piece of advice we can give you is to BRING THAT SMILE when you make your first tandem jump! We want you to wow your friends and get others to go skydiving as well. We want to see you having the time of your life and want your film to be amazing. Concerned that the motion of freefall will make your face jittery? SMILE. Smile if you want to prove to everyone that you are a badass while jumping out of a perfectly decent plane. Put up a fence. We skydive and smile if you want to be featured on our social media. You won’t regret doing something as fantastic as your first-ever skydive and appearing in all of your photos and videos of Boston with that radiant smile on your face!

Dress in one of our jumpsuits.

The majority of authorized jumpers at the skydiving facility are wearing jumpsuits if you take a look around. It not only makes you seem good, but it also keeps your clothes from becoming ruined. Grass stains, rips, and tears are typical when skydiving because the environment is so severe. If you wear a jumpsuit, you’ll both appear badass and protect your apparel at the same time.
You should wear a jumpsuit if you’re getting video and images. Your photos will stand out more against the sky-blue background because of the vivid hues.


What To Avoid When Skydiving

Here are a few no-nos for skydiving attire:


Leave jewelry and accessories like necklaces, bracelets, and bangles at home. In addition to the potential for loss during the skydive, necklaces and hoops can tangle with clothing or equipment and cause discomfort.

Dresses or shorts

For several reasons, it is not advisable to skydive while wearing skirts or dresses. It prevents the skydiving harness from working properly, which is one of the main causes. The harness It It must be fastened around each leg and placed over the garment. Additionally, it is recommended to avoid having extra, loose, or free-flowing fabric whipping around in freefall for your comfort and safety.

Boots, heels, slip-ons, or sandals

Choosing the appropriate footwear is crucial when skydiving. On a skydive, wearing anything other than appropriate footwear can have serious repercussions. On occasion, a tandem pair will slip in when they land, and shoes with hooks or spikes may catch on the ground and cause harm. Both during freefall and on landing, heels and heavy-duty boots with hooks might put you and your instructor in danger. You might as well bid farewell if you try skydiving in sandals or slip-on. Both of these are unfit for a 120 mph freefall and will probably come off as you exit the plane.


Can You Skydive While Wearing Jeans?

Denim is not being disparaged here, but skydiving and jeans often don’t go together. Wear your favorite, well-worn-in pair of jeans skydiving, by all means. You should keep in mind, nevertheless, that the best skydiving pants should have some stretch. A tight skydiving harness and uncomfortable clothes are to be expected.
You should buy bottoms for skydiving that are made with movement in mind. Choose pants that cover the entire leg if it’s cool outside on the day of your jump. We advise donning joggers or sweatpants. Feel free to wear shorts and a t-shirt on the day of your first jump if it’s warm outside.

Can You Skydive While Wearing Leggings?

The answer is definitely yes if you’re wondering whether you can skydive while wearing leggings! Lightweight, stretchy bottoms are an excellent option to make sure you are comfortable during your skydiving, especially in the summer. As a general rule, think about whether you would wear the bottoms to work out. They are a good alternative to skydiving if the answer is yes. However, if it’s cold outside, you might think about layering your leggings or putting them under a pair of sweats or joggers.

When skydiving, how should your hair be styled?

People with long hair frequently worry about just how to manage their mane for various hobbies, such as skydiving. Men and women with hair past the jawline should braid their hair or draw their hair back in a low ponytail to keep it out of the way.
The same reasoning holds if your beard is particularly long or thick. Please comb your beard or otherwise secure it so that it doesn’t get in the way of the equipment or your instructor’s face.


It is rather common to be nervous before making your first jump, and while you are distracted, it is easy to forget things. Be at ease! Our highly skilled ground staff and instructor team will make sure you are properly dressed and prepared to partake in a life-altering adventure. So why are you still waiting? As soon as you can, come to skydive with us in tandem. We anticipate your


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