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Few things are more frustrating than waiting for an important piece of mail, only to find that it never arrived. Whether you’re expecting a check, a package, or just a letter from a friend, it’s always disappointing when the mail doesn’t deliver. Thankfully, there are a few ways to stay on top of your mail and ensure you never miss an important delivery again. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the top 5 best mailbox alerts to help you stay on top of your mail. Here are the top 5 best mailbox alerts to help you stay on top of your mail:
1. The PingMe Mailbox Sensor is a great option for those who want a simple, effective way to monitor their mailbox.
2. The Mailbox Monitor from House-Hassle Free is another excellent choice, offering a reliable way to monitor your mailbox and get alerts when the mail has been delivered
3. The Smart Mailbox from iSmart Alarm is a great choice for those who want a sophisticated mailbox alert system. It offers features such as remote access, activity logs, and more.
4. The Mailbox Sensor from MailMinder is another excellent choice for those who want a reliable way to monitor their mailbox. 5. The Mailbox Alarm from SecurityMan is a great

Top 5 Best Mailbox Alerts Features Here

tolviviov Mailbox Notification System, 200ft Wireless Mailbox Alarm, Instant...

tolviviov Mailbox Notification System, 200ft Wireless Mailbox Alarm, Instant Alert, Easy DIY Installation, for Metal Mailbox, Curbside Mailbox


  • ✅Real-time Mailbox Alarm - Every time a stranger opens your mailbox, the alarm station will flash the red light and beeps until the SET button is pressed. Go get the mail first and then reset the alarm station manually. no need to constantly check the new mail anymore. Avoid property damage and privacy from peeping.
  • ✅DIY Installation - Easy installation and simple step-by-step instructions are provided so that you can enjoy the mailbox notification system within minutes. Just install the sensor vertically inside the mailbox and the antenna outside.
  • ✅Fit Metal Mailbox - tolviviov mailbox notification system almost fits all mailboxes such as metal curbside, aluminum, or locking mailboxes. But NOT for cluster-type mailboxes with vertical hinges.
  • ✅200ft Long Range - The transmission range from the mailbox to the alarm station is about 200ft. The alarm station should ALWAYS CONNECT to the AC adapter. The backup battery works for 48 hours, only as an emergency battery.
  • ✅BUY with Confidence - tolviviov mailbox alert includes 1 alarm station, 1 sensor with antenna, 2 hook and loop tapes, and 2 security decals. Highly recommend this mail alert for anyone that wants/needs to know as soon as the mail arrives.NOTE: the mailbox alert is really loud.
  • ✅Note: Due to some mistakes, some packages do not have hook and loop tape. Please tap the tape on A+ to purchase. Thank you.

DREYOO Mailbox Alert, 500 ft Long Rang Mailbox Alarm, IP65 Waterproof Mailbox...

DREYOO Mailbox Alert, 500 ft Long Rang Mailbox Alarm, IP65 Waterproof Mailbox Sensor, Mailbox Chime Wireless Mailbox Alert System with 52 Melodies and 4 Adjustable Volume for Home Office Store


  • Reminder to Accept Letters: with DREYOO mailbox alert, no need to worry about your letter or package being stolen from now on, the mailbox notification save your time of checking the mailbox dozen time a day; Install the PIR motion sensor under the mailbox, plug the receiver into the socket, when the postman enters the recognition range of mailbox sensor, the receiver will remind you
  • Wide Coverage: the recognition range of the sensor is a turnable 120 degree 16.5 ft fan shaped area, see the picture above for details; The sensor adopts thermal induction recognition, when someone steps on the identifiable area, it will pass the signal to the receiver; The maximum distance between the sensor and the receiver is 500 ft
  • Adjustable and Extended Function: the mail delivery alert is preset with 58 different ringtones and 4 volume adjustments; Include ordinary ding dong, classical music, etc., you can choose from different lengths of music and adjust the volume to avoid causing children and pet anxiety; The mailbox chime has extended functions, with self learning code function, you can increase or decrease the quantity of sensor or receiver
  • Waterproof Design: the waterproof grade of the mailbox ring reaches IP65, totally protected against dust, protection against low pressure jets of water; Package also attach a 2 nail kits which help you fix the sensor to the mailbox when decrease in sticker viscosity
  • Widely Use: the mailbox chime notification system can be applied in wall mounted mailbox, postmount mailbox, drop slot mail box and so on; The wireless mailbox alert can not only applied in mailbox, install the sensor on the wall or next the door, when friends visit you or the customers visit the store the bell will remind you

The MailSig - Mailbox Signaling Device (Standard Mailbox)

The MailSig - Mailbox Signaling Device (Standard Mailbox)


  • The MailSig - Mailbox Alert Signaling Device for Long Driveways

Safety Technology International, Inc. STI-34201 Mailbox Alert Sensor - Part of the...

Safety Technology International, Inc. STI-34201 Mailbox Alert Sensor - Part of the Wireless Alert Series


  • Notifies STI receiver when mail arrives
  • Easy installation
  • Programmable transmitters send a unique code to receiver
  • Operates up to 1000' (line of sight)
  • Limited one year warranty from the date of original purchase

Mengshen Motion Sensor Alarm, Wireless Doorbell Alert for Front Door/ Door Entry/...

Mengshen Motion Sensor Alarm, Wireless Doorbell Alert for Front Door/ Door Entry/ Driveway/ Mailbox, Home Security System Kit with 1 Sensor and 1 Receiver - YBQ04


  • Wireless Motion Sensor: Remote transmission, 280 meters in the open place, suitable for more places,
  • Home Security Alarm: Independent alarm horn,maximum 113dB, can effectively scare the thieves and intruders away,
  • Power Supply: The Receiver uses AA battery(not included) or USB 2.0 micro-B(not included), motion sensor uses AAA battery(not included) or USB 2.0 micro-B(not included)
  • 5 Model Options: Welcome mode/ doorbell mode/ alarm mode/ color light mode/ night light mode, sufficiently meet your demand,
  • Widely Application: Not only perfect for home security, but also for shops, hotels, offices and factories.

What are Mailbox Alerts?

When your mailbox is opened, an intelligent device called MAILBOX Alert inside it sends out an alert. This notice will only be sent through email, text, or both. You can choose to receive pushbullet notifications from this device. Your WiFi is set up to use MAILBOX Alert. A smartphone or a laptop can be used to set up WiFi in a short amount of time. Your email address and phone number must be entered on the device settings page after configuring your MAILBOX Alert.

On, a protected user area has that page, and other user pages show device status and recent warnings. Additionally, parameters like text message content and operating hours are configured in that area. Owners of MAILBOX Alert devices can access it.

Once setup is complete, an email will be sent to you each time your mailbox is opened. You will also receive an SMS message if set up. More than 400 feet away from the WiFi router and through some walls have tested successfully with the MAILBOX Alert.

How can your MAILBOX Alert be configured to use your WiFi?

You have successfully registered your gadget with You have decided on the message it will send, as well as the time and the time zone when it will be active. The final step, which is required to send notifications, is to ensure that your device is connected to the internet. After that, you will receive copies of them through emails and text messages on your phone. You will need to be familiar with the name of your WiFi network and its password before you can begin customising your MAILBOX Alert.

It is essential to note that the sensor for some of the Internal Mailbox Alerts can be found inside the enclosure. In that scenario, it has a white strip across the middle of it. The second component of the sensor is the magnet, which also has a white stripe that matches the first. When the door of the mailbox is closed, the two white lines should be quite close. With later iterations of the Internal Mailbox Alert, the sensor is moved to the box’s exterior, and white tape is no longer necessary to assist in aligning the sensor with the magnet. That is the only change that can be found in either of the two versions.

These instructions apply to both Internal and External Mailbox Alert models.

  1. Before beginning to configure your WiFi, check that the two components of the sensor have been connected for a minimum of five minutes. Keep the door sensor’s components apart for a count of two seconds. At least an inch of space must separate the magnet and switch components. After doing so, the MAILBOX Alert will be activated, and a timer will begin counting down from 5 minutes for you to complete the setting. To clear the memory and start afresh, it is sufficient to ensure that all the door sensor components are joined for five minutes. After then, you should begin at the beginning of this phase.
  2. Launch the Settings app on your phone and select the Wi-Fi option. You can view the available networks by clicking on the “CHOOSE A NETWORK page.” The MAILBOX Alert will be one of these notifications. It will appear as SASensor-000000, with “000000” as the identifier for the only device. It is denoted as SASensor-2336877 in the illustration that can be found on the right.
  3. Choose the sensor-000000 option. After the connection, which could take anywhere from 10 to 15 seconds, a browser window with WiFi Manager will automatically open. Please be aware that if you are unable to view the WiFi Manager page, you may need to launch a new browser window and enter the following address: The view out the window will be as follows:
  4. When you choose to Configure Wi-Fi, you should be brought to the configuration window, which includes the following:
  5. Choose your WiFi router, and then input its password if required. Please consider that the first letter on some phones will be capitalised. Check to ensure that you have successfully typed your password!
  6. Click the Save button, then reconnect the phone to its previous Wi-Fi network. Ensure that the phrase “Credentials Saved” appears on your mobile device. In that case, you might be required to go through this procedure of configuration once more.

To test your gadget, you need to disassemble the door sensor for two seconds. After you have successfully registered for MAILBOX Alert, you will be contacted through email as well as via text message. Please remember that the gateway only allows one text message to be sent every five minutes, and you can only send one letter at a time. Therefore, it is possible that you will not receive a second text message for at least 5 minutes. Your mail communications have no such limits.


Mailbox’s smart notifications will literally save anyone’s life. Mailbox’s service isn’t just intuitive, but addictive. It’s that good. Include why. List only the most important features. Mailbox’s intuitive features make sharing and collaborating easy across devices and platforms.

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