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Why is Russia invading Ukraine? Could it be the start of WWIII? Here’s what we know

Why is Russia invading Ukraine Could it be the start of WWIII Here's what we know

On Thursday, Russian forces launched an invasion of Ukraine that began with explosives in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv and other locations before the sun came up.

Ukraine’s health minister said that Russia’s goal was to destroy the country, which he described as a “Western-looking democracy” that wished to move out of Moscow’s orbit.

137 Ukrainian troops and civilians were killed in the assault, according to Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who made the announcement. Hundreds of others have been injured.

As the assault started, Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a televised speech in which he warned foreign nations that any effort to meddle would “lead to repercussions you have never seen before in history.”

President Biden announced a fresh round of harsh penalties on Russia and President Putin on Thursday afternoon, after a meeting with national security officials and foreign leaders at the White House. His statement said that the measure would entail a “pressure” on Russia’s access to financial markets, a ban on some exports, and other consequences.

Ukraine’s officials are now organizing over 36,000 reservists as the country prepares for a full-scale invasion. An extra 10,000 reserve personnel have been activated by Ukraine’s National Guard and border-control agency.

Why is Russia invading Ukraine?

Putin argues that the goal of the assault is to safeguard Russian-speaking Ukrainians, particularly those in the two self-declared republics of Donetsk and Luhansk, which broke away from Ukrainian sovereignty in 2014 and are now under Russian control.

On the other hand, Ukraine has dismissed Moscow’s assertions that it is attempting to retake them by force.

Informally known as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or the North Atlantic Alliance, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is an intergovernmental military alliance comprised of 28 European countries and two North American nations. Ukraine has already shown an interest in becoming a member.

Putin has said that the thought of Ukraine joining the Western military alliance is a “hostile act,” according to the Russian president. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin presented the United States and NATO with a list of security demands. One of them was a promise that Ukraine would never join NATO and that the organization would reduce its military presence in Eastern and Central Europe. The United States and its allies reacted promptly and rejected these suggestions.

In addition, Putin denied Ukraine’s right to exist independent of Russia, citing the nations’ shared history and culture as grounds for his decision. In a speech, Putin acknowledged the “independence and sovereignty” of two eastern Ukraine regions, Donetsk and Luhansk, which he described as “independent and sovereign.”

The Bolsheviks and Vladimir Lenin, Putin said in his article, “have every reason to believe that they were the ones who established Ukraine.” He asserted that “Russia produced modern Ukraine.”

What does Vladimir Putin want out of the invasion?

Putin has said that Ukraine’s intention in joining NATO constitutes a direct danger to Russia, although he has previously questioned Ukraine’s right to exist in its own right.

He considers Ukraine and Russia inextricably linked, “a single people, a single totality.” Ukraine was a constituent republic of the Soviet Union until the fall of the Soviet Union after the Cold War in 1991.

Vladimir Putin has threatened pro-democracy activists and public workers who have spearheaded the pro-democracy campaign in the nation after a pro-Russian administration was ousted in the country’s 2014 revolution.

“We know who they are, and we will track them down and bring them to justice,” he said emphatically.

Is this the start of World War III?

Zelenskyy said in a tweet on Thursday that “Russia sabotaged our state in the early hours of the morning, just as Nazi Germany did two years earlier during World War II. As of right now, our nations are on opposite sides of the world’s historical arc.”

How could the invasion affect the US?

Even though the United States does not rely on Russia for large imports, central bankers warned at a recent conference that geopolitical concerns “may induce rises in global energy costs or worsen global supply shortages. ” “

Russia’s invasion might potentially result in yet another delay in restoring normality in the United States, after more than two years of shutdowns and COVID-19-related limitations. According to The Wall Street Journal, the economic ramifications have been seen on Wall Street, where futures have fallen by a large daily margin of 2.5 percent.

Even though the United States buys relatively little Russian oil, changes in oil prices in one area of the globe will influence pricing in all other parts of the world, according to The Wall Street Journal.

On Thursday, Biden said that his government is using “Every measure at its disposal to protect American families and businesses from increasing gas costs at the pump is being used.

“We’re taking proactive actions to drive the cost down, and American oil and gas businesses should not – should not – take advantage of this opportunity to raise their rates to increase profits,” he said in a statement.

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