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US’ Tafi Partners with Coca-Cola to Release Digital Apparel Collection

US' Tafi Partners with Coca-Cola to Release Digital Apparel Collection

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Coke Creations’ space-flavored beverage has inspired collaboration between 3D avatar solutions provider Tafi and Coca-Cola, which has resulted in the publication of a unique digital fashion line. Tafi’s innovative augmented reality (AR) avatar technology allows Samsung Galaxy users to accessorize their AR Emoji figure with a virtual spacesuit, shirts, joggers, and other clothing items, among other things.

Coca-Cola and Tafi worked together on a Samsung AR Emoji fashion line inspired by the company’s 1971 Hilltop commercial, which was released earlier this year. As shown in the AR clothing, a replica of the Coca-Unity Cola’s Collection was introduced in 1971 to commemorate the commercial’s enduring ideals of harmony and peace. In 2021, they will also collaborate on introducing Coca-first Cola’s non-alcoholic beverage (NFT), branded as the Friendship Loot Box, which will support Special Olympics, a long-time Coca-Cola partner.

The relationship manager of Tafi, Morgan Milovich, said in a statement that Coca-Cola is a “cultural icon” that “continues to excite its fans with digital gear inspired by their new product advancements.” “This collection is a fusion of our ideas about what it means to engage with fans in the virtual world. The Samsung AR environment provides us with the opportunity to create new and original digital emotions.”

“Coca-Cola is at the forefront of branding and digital identity, and the Coke Creations collection represents an exciting next step in our efforts to extend our brand’s presence into the virtual world,” said Karen Schohan, senior licensing manager at Coca-Cola. “These magnificent items will also appeal to a broad audience, allowing space fans to dress up like the figures they want to be in a fashionable manner. In this new Coca-Cola outfit, we can’t wait to see their avatars in action.”

Tafi has been collaborating with Samsung since October 2020 to provide users of Samsung mobile devices with bespoke avatars, clothes, and accessories. Users of the Samsung AR Emoji may now access the new digital collection, which was previously unavailable.

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