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UK talent visa “exclusionary” to some regions

UK talent visa “exclusionary” to some regions

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Some regions are “excluded” from the UK talent visa.

Graduates from eligible universities who received a bachelor’s or master’s degree within the last five years are eligible for a two-year work visa without a job offer, while PhD holders are eligible for a three-year visa.

Institutions from the United States, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, Canada, Singapore, France, China, Australia, and Germany are on the list for degrees given between November 2021 and October 2022.

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The new route is part of the UK government’s shift to a “points-based” immigration system, which “puts talent and ability first,” according to UK Home Secretary Priti Patel.

The scheme has received positive feedback from some universities and stakeholders.

“This is an excellent opportunity for graduates of the world’s best colleges to work in the United Kingdom.” It will bring some of the world’s brightest minds to the UK, as well as encourage diversity in the workforce,” said Simon Andrews, chief operating officer of Studee, an international student search portal.

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The scheme will “help create new synergies between Switzerland and the UK, as well as reinforce ongoing scientific collaboration,” according to a spokesperson for Swiss university EPFL, which is on the 2021 list.

The scheme means “more doors open for graduates from KI,” according to Anna-Lena Paulsson, head of international relations at Swedish medical university The Karolinska Institutet, which also made the list.

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