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Travel Restrictions To Saint Lucia Have Been Relaxed Due To The Covid-19 Virus

Travel Restrictions To Saint Lucia Have Been Relaxed Due To The Covid-19 Virus.

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As the latest Caribbean location changes its international arrival rules, Saint Lucia has become the latest to do so, resulting in a “simplified experience for passengers.”
Travelers and in-transit passengers aged five and up who have had their complete vaccinations, as well as a negative quick Covid-19 antigen test or a negative rapid Covid-19 PCR test taken one day before entering Saint Lucia, will be allowed to enter the country beginning March 5.

A negative RT-PCR Covid-19 test result obtained up to five days before arrival is likewise acceptable for travelers.
To visit Saint Lucia, all unvaccinated passengers must provide proof of a negative RT-PCR Covid-19 test, which may be performed up to five days before arrival.
“The previously needed two-step permission procedure is no longer in effect for boarding purposes.”
Because it was one of the first destinations to implement a responsible tourism reopening strategy, Saint Lucia continuously evaluated Covid-19 travel protocols. “These major changes are good news for visitors and returning nationals because they mean a simplified process, greater access to testing, and a significant cost reduction,” says the country’s tourism minister.
We have been paying attention to the feedback we have received from our travel community in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Caribbean, and other parts of the globe.

“Tourists are looking for a streamlined experience that also gives them confidence in their safety, and our relaxed rules reflect our commitment to welcome travelers back to Saint Lucia,” said Lorine Charles-St. Jules, chief executive of the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority.
It is not acceptable to do rapid antigen testing yourself or saliva.
Tests performed by the NHS in the United Kingdom are not valid for international travel.
Visitors who have not been vaccinated will be required to continue to stay in houses that Covid has approved.
Returning nationals who have not been vaccinated are compelled to remain in quarantine for seven days.
Besides Grenada and Jamaica, several other Caribbean islands have relaxed travel restrictions in recent weeks.

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