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Slovaks Worried By Climate Change But Don’t Want Drastic Lifestyle Shift

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The poll carried out by experts from Masaryk University in Brno gives further insight into how people in Slovakia feel about climate-related issues. One of the poll’s conclusions is that a significant number of Slovaks are uncertain about how to lead the battle against climate change and occasionally misinterpret ideas. For instance, whereas forty per cent of people polled believe that increasing tree planting would be enough to halt climate change, the vast majority (seventy-five per cent) of those surveyed conflate climate change with ozone depletion.

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According to Tomá Chabad, a researcher at the Faculty of Social Studies at Masaryk University, “people do not have a solid sense of where the majority of emissions originate from and which measures are successful.”

Sixty per cent of those polled responded positively when asked if they were willing to adjust their habits and ways of living. But when asked whether this would mean they would have to pay more excellent prices or taxes, have a lower level of life, or have their standard of living diminished, many people replied they would not favour this. Slovaks are notably opposed to emission reduction measures linked to transportation and electromobility. On the other hand, they support initiatives related to repairing dwellings or developing alternative energy sources.

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One positive finding emerged from the survey; the vast majority of respondents stated that they supported Slovakia’s efforts to cut emissions regardless of the progress made by other countries. A total of ten people were polled, and just one of them had the opposing position.


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