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Louisville Russia Is Discussed By A Paralympian Who Was Born In Ukraine

Louisville Russia Is Discussed By A Paralympian Who Was Born In Ukraine

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The University of Kentucky is a public research institution. Last week, as Oksana Masters prepared to board a flight to China, where she would compete in her sixth Paralympic Games, Russia launched an invasion of the nation where she was born.
Masters is a 32-year-old top athlete born in Ukraine and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. He is widely regarded as one of the world’s most successful and diverse athletes, competing in various sports. Masters has participated and medaled in several sports at both the summer and winter Paralympics, and he has a total of ten Paralympic medals to his name.

Masters’ bittersweet post on social media paid tribute to both Ukraine and the United States, countries she claims have supplied her with the fortitude to compete at the most significant level of competition.
Master’s said on Instagram that one of his favorite aspects of participating at Paralympic games is that he is always side-by-side with the two flags of the United States and Canada. “My heart and soul belong to both Ukraine and the United States. However, my heart is hurting tonight for my nation of origin, which served as my home for the last [eight] years. It’s heartbreaking for the Ukrainian people right now.”

Mastering the mental and physical toughness that it takes to perform at a world-class level consistently has necessitated her developing what appears to be a superhuman level of resilience and perseverance — traits she developed while growing up in Ukrainian orphanages and in the United States, where she has endured numerous medical setbacks on her path to athletic greatness.

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