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Ireland Has Lifted All Travel Restrictions Related To Covid

Ireland removes all Covid travel restrictions

Ireland has lifted all Covid-19 travel restrictions, including the obligation to fill out a Passenger Locator Form (PLF) or to produce confirmation of vaccination or recovery from the virus, which had previously existed.

Sunday (6 March), the Irish government announced the lifting of all remaining Covid-related travel restrictions, as well as the confirmation that incoming travelers would no longer be required to undergo a Covid test.

According to the Irish government, visitors to Ireland will no longer be needed to provide evidence of vaccination, proof of recovery or a negative PCR test result upon arrival on Sunday, March 6, 2022.

“Travelers visiting Ireland are not subject to post-arrival testing or quarantine restrictions. Travel carriers will not check the receipt for the PLF before departure for Ireland.” If a person develops Covid-19 symptoms while in Ireland, they should follow the HSE’s (Health Service Executive) recommendations for isolation and antigen or PCR testing, if necessary.”

Suppose you intend on traveling to or from Northern Ireland through one of Ireland’s airports or ports. In that case, you will still need to comply with all of the UK’s travel regulations, including completing a UK Passenger Locator Form.

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