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Dovetail’s DX ranch collection expands on blue-collar women’s workwear options

Dovetail's DX ranch collection expands on blue-collar women's workwear options

Dovetail Workwear debuted its new DX Ranch Collection in March 2022, which features Cordura brand textiles for rugged performance. The collection was inspired by the Women of the X Ranch, a fourth-generation Oceti Sakowin ranch on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation in South Dakota. Bootcut pants were available in two different Cordura fabrics. The DX Bootcut is the only Dovetail pant that does not have thigh reinforcements for optical horseback work, instead of relying on Cordura threads for support.

Blue-collar women’s workwear options are finally expanding

Yes, this does appear to be a game-changer. Despite Dovetail Workwear’s advancements in workwear for women in blue-collar vocations, there is still a shortage of workwear for women in these occupations.

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Women have worked on the assembly line and in industries since WWII. Denim and overalls, which were initially just workplace garments, began to be commercialized about this time. Rosie the Riveter, the iconic image of these women who worked in factories and shipyards, was born at this time. Rosie the Riveter, with her red and white polka dot bandana and denim top, became a symbol of blue-collar women in America who helped propel the manufacturing sector.

Workwear for men in blue-collar jobs has always existed, but it has evolved over time to include features like stretch and wicking textiles. Workwear for women is frequently essentially smaller versions of what is available for males. The designs for women’s workwear are quite “stolen from the guys” in nature.

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Dovetail’s products take into account all of the movement needs and types of labor that women might do, whether on a ranch, in a workplace or on a farm. The Ezwaist fit and flexible knees for ease of movement, a tool hook, a double belt loop, and 11 pockets, including a double “shot pocket” that holds important vet med tools, folding knives, and anything else that needs to seat snug and deeply, are just a few of the features of Dovetail’s pants. With inseam lengths ranging from 28″ to 36″, the DX Bootcut pants are available in inclusive sizing 000–18 for canvas and 000-24 for denim.

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Women currently hold 30% of trade and agriculture jobs. There aren’t many clothing options for these women, unfortunately. These fields usually have a uniform or dress code in place to cater to the considerable manual labor involved.

Dovetail is dedicated to sustainability in addition to giving additional workwear options for women. Through the UN Global Compact, the corporation pledges to reduce environmental impact while increasing the bar on socially and environmentally responsible practices. Cordura indigo denim, winner of the UN’s highest award for sustainability, is milled in Pakistan, while Freedom Denim in China produces the Cordura dark Kodiak canvas responsibly.


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