How much does the bad girl club cast get paid?

How much does the bad girl club cast get paid?

Bad Ladies Club Gossip *All Seasons* BGC Random Reality: The ladies get paid each week on Friday $500 {dollars}.

What’s the goal of the Bad Ladies Club?

The bad women sometimes type cliques, create havoc, e-book events in night time golf equipment, and interact in sexual antics whereas trying to keep up their private lives. They arrive from totally different backgrounds. Earlier in the collection, they attempt to cope and alter their habits to grow to be function fashions for younger girls.

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How did Linsey from BGC die?

Linsey Jade Berardi (also called The Brooklyn Brat) was an unique bad girl in Season 12. She was 21 throughout filming and resided in Brooklyn, NY. She died April 2, 2015 of a suspected overdose, and cryptic well being issues.

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