How long is quarter of a century?

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How long is quarter of a century?

twenty-five yearsquarter-century. A interval of twenty-five years.

Is 25 years a half century?

8 Solutions. A twenty fifth anniversary is a silver jubilee or silver anniversary, and a celebration of that milestone could be a Silver Jubilee. If you wish to mark a interval of time somewhat than the milestone, then quarter century would do the trick in addition to merely saying twenty fifth anniversary or 25 years.

What is a half decade known as?

A demi-decade is a interval of time thought-about to be equal to half a decade, roughly 5 years. Prototypically this milestone falls in years which finish within the quantity 5, since the most typical notion of a decade is the run of years ending in digits 0 to 9.

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What does a quarter of one thing imply?

noun. one of the 4 equal or equal elements into which something is or could also be divided: a quarter of an apple; a quarter of a e-book. a fourth half, particularly of one (¼).


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