How do you spell appointment?

How do you spell appointment?

Appropriate spelling for the English phrase “appointment” is [ɐpˈɔ͡ɪntmənt], [ɐpˈɔ‍ɪntmənt], [ɐ_p_ˈɔɪ_n_t_m_ə_n_t] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What kind of phrase is appointment?

noun. noun. /əˈpɔɪntmənt/ 1[countable] a proper association to satisfy or go to somebody at a selected time, particularly for a cause related with their work I’ve bought a dentist appointment at 3 o’clock.

What’s appointment in Tagalog?

The English phrase “appointment” might be translated as the next phrases in Tagalog: 1.) usapan – [noun] dialog; settlement; appointment; problem at hand 8 Instance Sentences Out there » extra… 2.) tipán – [noun] testomony; covenant; appointment extra…

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What’s appointment standing?

Appointment Standing describes the standing the worker holds in a particular place/project. For instance, when a Benefit worker with a Everlasting Service Standing is promoted to a distinct place, their Appointment Standing can be Probationary for 3-6 months.

What do you say when reserving a physician’s appointment?

Hey, my title is [say your first name]. I’m calling to e book a protracted appointment with Dr [name of GP] on [day you’re available]. Thank you, I’d like to return at 3pm on Tuesday. I would like further time to debate my issues.

Is it an appointment or a appointment?

An appointment is a proper date or plan to satisfy on the appointed time. Whether or not you have a physician’s appointment, a hair appointment, or a 1 o’clock lunch appointment, you have to be there — or you’ll have a damaged appointment. It’s simpler to recollect your appointments if you write them down!

What’s appointment date?

Appointment Date means the time the individuals designated by Purchaser have been elected to, and shall represent a majority of, the Firm Board of Administrators pursuant to Part 1.3.

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What are appointment methods?

With an appointment system, hospitals can supply sufferers the flexibility to e book on-line or in an app. Many of the appointment dealing with is automated, which reduces time from the workers, permitting them to work on different duties throughout the clinic.

Is appointment a noun or verb?

noun. a hard and fast mutual settlement for a gathering; engagement: We made an appointment to satisfy once more. a gathering set for a particular time or place: I’m late for my appointment. the act of appointing, designating, or inserting in workplace: to fill a emptiness by appointment.

What’s the noun type of appointment?

appointment. The act of appointing; designation of an individual to carry an workplace or discharge a belief. The state of being appointed to a service or workplace; an workplace to which one is appointed; station; place. Stipulation; settlement; the act of fixing by mutual settlement.

Is appointment an summary noun?

The summary noun of appoint is appointment.

Is appointed an adjective?

adjective. by, by, or on account of an appointment (usually in distinction with elected): an appointed official. predetermined; organized; set: They met on the appointed time within the appointed place. supplied with what is important; outfitted; furnished: a superbly appointed workplace.

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Is appointed a verb?

appoint verb (PERSON) to decide on somebody formally for a job or accountability: We’ve appointed three new academics this 12 months. He’s simply been appointed (as) director of the publishing division.

What a part of speech is the phrase appointed?

verb (used with object) to supply with what is important; equip; furnish: They appointed the home with all the most recent units.

What’s the antonym of appointed?

topic to appointment. Antonyms: unfurnished, unassigned, unsettled. Synonyms: prescribed, ordained, appointive, decreed.

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