How big is a giant sub from Jersey Mike’s?

The sandwiches are available 3 sizes: 5 inch Mini, 7 inch Common, and 14-15 inch Giant. Along with promoting nice sub sandwiches, in addition they provide wraps, chips, desserts, and drinks. Under are the newest Jersey Mike’s Subs menu costs.

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In addition to, how lengthy is a giant sub at Jersey Mike’s?

common is 7 inches whereas the giant is 15 inches!

Subsequently, query is, how a lot is a giant sub at Jersey Mike’s? Jersey Mike’s Well-known Philly and the Cancro Particular are really helpful gadgets on the menu as a consequence of their hyperlinks to the previous of the corporate. Mini sub costs vary from $4.35 to about $5.00, whereas the common sub costs vary from $5.45 to roughly $7.00 and giant sub costs could vary from $10.00 to $12.00.

Likewise, what number of does a Jersey Mike’s Giant Sub feed?

Jersey Mike’s first measurement is a 5-inch Mini sub that may feed just one particular person. A second measurement that may feed one to 2 individuals is the 7-inch Common sub, additionally known as a Wrap or a Tub. The third measurement is a 14-15 inch Giant sub that may feed three as much as 4 individuals.

What is sub in a tub Jersey Mike’s?

Jersey Mike’s Well-known Philly Sub in a Tub Comes with steak, peppers, onions, and melted white American cheese that is grilled-to-order on their flat high grill in-store after which served on a mattress of lettuce. I had them add their olive oil mix, purple wine vinegar and spices to provide it some extra taste.

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Is Jersey Mike’s more healthy than Subway?

A fundamental comparability of the traditional dieter’s favourite, the turkey sub on wheat bread, exhibits that Subway has the bottom calorie possibility of the three. It is additionally considerably decrease in sodium content material and ldl cholesterol. Jersey Mike’s has the very best fats content material of the three, and likewise the very best quantity of ldl cholesterol.

Is Jersey Mike’s higher than Jimmy Johns?

Jersey Mike’s is positively a higher place to get a sandwich, however in case you are on the run it is extra handy to get Jimmy John’s. And though Jersey Mike’s is extra contemporary, and tastes higher, it is nonetheless a sandwich, and it will not be value it to exit of you approach to get one.

What’s the most effective sandwich at Jersey Mike’s?

The principle themes of the “authentic 9” Jersey Mike’s chilly subs appear to revolve round both a mashup of salty Italian meats and provolone, roast beef and provolone, or bacon and provolone. Of the 5 I attempted, the #6, aka The Well-known Roast Beef and Provolone, was by far the finest.

Does Jersey Mike’s give senior reductions?

Jersey Mike’s supplies senior reductions for his or her prospects with out a particular and strict age. But when their prospects are on the age of fifty or 55 or extra, they will positively get pleasure from this provide.

What model of meat does Jersey Mike’s use?

Jersey Mike’s launched the Licensed Angus Beef ® model in its roast beef and provolone subs in 2000, when the chain had 170 shops. At this time, it has greater than 750 areas open and beneath growth nationwide.

How many individuals does a six foot sub serve?

6foot Giant Sub*: Serves 20–25.

What’s the most effective sub at Jersey Mike’s?

Some good Jersey Mike’s sandwiches embrace the Cancro Particular, BBQ Beef, and Rooster Parm.

How many individuals does a giant sub feed?

Subway Catering Costs
Giant Subs 3 ft. serves 10-12 individuals, 6 ft. serves 20-25 individuals
Giant Sub3 ft.$51.99
Giant Sub6 ft.$99.98
Giant Sub9 ft.$149.97

How a lot does a celebration sub price?

Subway Catering Menu and Costs
GIANT SUBS 3 ft. serves 10-12 individuals, 6 ft. serves 20-25 individuals
Giant Sub3 ft.$48.00
Giant Sub6 ft.$96.00
Giant Sub9 ft.$144.00

What is a 99 at Jersey Mike’s?

What is the #99 from Jersey Mike’s? aforementioned, its a 56 and a 43 mixed. nonetheless it is actually simply a 56 with chipotle mayo.

How a lot is a 6 foot sub from Walmart?

Walmart Catering Menu
Sub Sandwich 2ft.$18.00
Sub Sandwich 4ft.$28.00
Sub Sandwich 6ft.$32.00
Pinwheel Tray Small 12″$14.00

How many does a 4 foot sub feed?

15-20 individuals

How many hoagies do you want for a celebration?

Occasion Hoagies

2 foot hoagies are served on a comfortable Italian roll. 3 foot and 6 foot hoagies are served on a comfortable or arduous Italian roll.

How a lot is a celebration platter from Jimmy Johns?

Jimmy John’s Menu Costs
Jumbo Kosher Dill Pickle$1.39
Occasion Platters Combine & Match Any Sub
5 Sandwiches Platter15 Computer.$28.50
10 Sandwiches Platter30 Computer.$56.00

How a lot meat is on a Jersey Mike’s Sub?

It sells for $6.95 for a common sub and has 6 1/2 ounces of meat on it.

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