Can you hook up speakers to a ps3?

Can you hook up speakers to a ps3?

Can you hook speakers up to a ps3? Sure, with the multi audio output choice you can hook up the speakers with the purple and white audio plugs whereas nonetheless utilizing HDMI for video ouput.

How do I join my ps3 to my sound system?

Buuut, in case your receiver has HDMI enter the place it takes the audio and video through HDMI, simply join the PS3 through HDMI to the receiver after which use the HDMI out of the receiver to the TV. In case your receiver has no HDMI, simply run hdmi from PS3 to the TV for video. And optical from the PS3 to the receiver for audio.

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How can I join my ps3 to my laptop monitor?

These two cables will likely be what you use to join your console. So let’s insert the HDMI plug of the HDMI-to-DVI cable into the HDMI port of the PS3. Then, insert the AV cable into the port marked AV Multi Out. Then plug the DVI finish of the HDMI-to-DVI cable into the DVI port of your monitor.

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Does ps3 have audio out?

The PlayStation 3 can output sound concurrently from the HDMI OUT connector, the DIGITAL OUT (OPTICAL) connector, and the AV MULTI OUT connector. That is carried out with the [Audio Multi-Output] choice present in [Settings] > [Sound Settings]. Out there with system software program 3.00 or later.

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