Can you get the Godfather game on ps4?

Can you get the Godfather game on ps4?

Re: The Godfather Ps 4 Therefore EA not providing the video games on the market on PC or consoles. The game isn’t accessible anymore on the official EA retailer, nor on PS Retailer and so on. I don’t work for EA and i’m not related to the firm in any manner.

What number of Godfather video games are there?

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v • e The Godfather Sequence
Movies The Godfather • The Godfather Half II • The Godfather Half III • The Godfather Saga • The Sicilian
Novels The Godfather • The Sicilian • The Godfather Returns • The Godfather’s Revenge • The Household Corleone
Video video games The Godfather • The Godfather: The Game • The Godfather II

Who made Godfather game?

Visceral Video games

How lengthy is the Godfather game?

Based mostly on 103 Person Rankings

Platform Polled Principal +
PC 25 20h 41m
PlayStation 2 22 18h 50m
PlayStation 3 10 21h 02m
Wii 4 30h 13m

How did Barzini die?

A number of days after Don Corleone’s loss of life, Barzini was assassinated on the steps of the courthouse on Manhattan’s Foley Sq., Barzini got here out to search out Al Neri, disguised as a police officer, killing his bodyguards and driver. Earlier than Barzini might react, Neri shot him twice in the again, as he turned to run away.

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What occurred in Godfather?

The Godfather “Don” Vito Corleone is the head of the Corleone mafia household in New York. He’s at the occasion of his daughter’s marriage ceremony. Michael, the younger and idealistic son of Vito Corleone, the head of the strongest Mafia clan in New York, returns residence as a conflict hero and is set to reside his personal life.

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What occurs in the finish of Godfather?

After the celebration is full, Michael goes on to have Tessio and Carlo, his brother-in-law, killed for his or her respective betrayals. As Michael enacts his grand design on the day Connie’s youngster is baptized, and completes his transformation into the new Godfather, he’s solid in a far harsher shade of evil.

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