Who is Evanescence lead singer?

Who is Evanescence lead singer?

Amy Lee

What number of songs does Evanescence have?

Amy Lee (pictured) is credited to have co-written each Evanescence tune (bar two) and has sole writing credit for sixteen songs….Launched songs.

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Tune “Carry Me to Life” #
Artist(s) Evanescence
Author(s) Amy Lee Ben Moody David Hodges
Launch(s) Synthesis
12 months 2017

How outdated is Amy Lee?

39 years (December 13, 1981)

What number of information has Evanescence offered?

25 million albums

When was Evanescence shaped?


When did Evanescence Carry Me To Life?


Who did Amy Lee sing with?


Who was the male singer in Carry Me to Life?

Paul McCoy

Who did Evanescence tune Carry Me To Life With?

This contains the Arkansas nu-metal band’s break-out single “Carry Me To Life,” which hit the High 10 in over 15 nations in 2003. You’ll doubtless know the tune’s unforgettable refrain: Amy Lee’s vocal soars alongside shouted interjections from Christian rocker Paul McCoy, who was featured on the tune.

Is Linkin Park in Carry Me to Life?

Is Linkin Park in Carry Me to Life? No..however lead singer of Papa Roach is in it..the male vocals are given by him and the man you see in music video is him… Shraga Weissmann, Love music, love singing alongside.

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What occurred to Amy Lee?

That’s as a result of she’s now writing and performing youngsters’s music. In September final yr, Amy Lee dropped her first youngsters’s album, Dream Too A lot. The album was impressed by her son, Jack, and is a present to her father, who performed music to her when she was youthful.

What style is carry me to life?


What style of music is evanescence?

Arduous rock

Did Evanescence die?

Followers can relaxation straightforward realizing that Evanescence has not disappeared; they’re nonetheless right here, they’re nonetheless making music, and so they’ve obtained surprises in retailer for listeners. Learn on for some tales about Evanescence, the place they’ve been, and what the long run holds for this one-of-a-kind band.

Is Evanescence a superb band?

I’m not saying they don’t take pleasure in their music, however Evanescence are a really business band. You received’t get that in true metallic bands. Clearly, they’re a terrific outfit, as their many hits would point out, most notably ‘Carry me to life’ , ‘My Immortal’ , ‘Lithium’ , ‘Haunted’ and ‘Going Underneath’…

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What is Amy Lee Value?

Amy Lee Internet Value: Amy Lee is an American singer-songwriter and classically skilled pianist who has a web value of $12 million. Amy Lee is co-founder and lead vocalist of the rock band Evanescence.

How a lot is Seether value?

Seether Internet Value 2019 Seether’s income is $41.1K in 2019.

How tall is Amy Lee?

5′ 3″

Who did Amy Lee marry?

Josh Hartzlerm. 2007

What nationality is Amy Lee?


The place is Amy Lee from Evanescence?

Riverside, CA

Is Evanescence symphonic metallic?

Evanescence is solely loosely symphonic metallic, first off, and that largely for Fallen; they’re typically thought of gothic rock.

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