Where do you get the town map in Pokemon Emerald?

Where do you get the town map in Pokemon Emerald?

Initially Answered: How do you get a town map in Pokemon Emerald? The town map is in the pokenavigator which you get after sending a letter to Steven then going to rustboro metropolis to take to the devon co CEO. WE ARE BROTHERS IT IS THE BEST POKEMON GAME EVER MADE ALL HAIL LVL 70 RAYQUAZA BEFORE ELITE FOUR.

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How do you get to Dewford town in Pokemon Emerald?

Stone asks you to take a letter to Steven in Dewford Town, so go to Mr. Briney’s cottage in Route 103 and ask him to take you to Dewford Town by boat.

How do you get the Pokenav in Emerald?

The PokéNav have been launched in the Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire and Emerald sequence. The primary protagonist obtains the PokéNav after acquiring his/her first fitness center badge and taking again the Devon Items that considered one of the Staff Magma/Staff Aqua members have stolen.

Where do I’m going after Verdanturf town in Pokemon Emerald?

You should purchase extra in Rustboro Metropolis. Afterward, go all the approach again to Mauville Metropolis. From there, go north to Route 111….

What do you do after you give the meteorite in Emerald?

Take the Meteorite and provides it to the Professor for TM 27 – Return. Head south and exit through the path close to the outdated girl. Battle the folks whereas persevering with south. Word the place the place Staff Magma are standing – that is the location of their secret base which we’ll come again to later.

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What occurs if you take away the meteorite in Pokemon Emerald?

The textual content “(Your Participant Identify) eliminated the meteorite from the mysterious machine” seems. The meteorite is then positioned into the “Key Objects” part of your bag. After the meteorite is eliminated, the mysterious machine has no extra use….

How do you use energy in Pokemon Emerald?

As soon as you clear the rocks, Wanda’s boyfriend will thank you for reuniting them. He’ll give you HM04 Power as a reward. Train Power to a Pokemon. You may educate the transfer to a Pokémon instantly, however you gained’t have the ability to use it exterior of battle till you beat the subsequent fitness center in Lavaridge Town and earn the Warmth Badge.

Where do I’m going after the desert in Pokemon Emerald?

Go south from the desert to Mauville Metropolis, then west to Verdanturf Town. Lower by means of Rusturf Tunnel to return to Rustboro. Go additional south to Slateport Metropolis after which to Route 109, and Mr.

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What’s the 4th Fitness center in Pokemon Emerald?

The Lavaridge Fitness center (Japanese: フエンジム Huen Fitness center) is the official Fitness center of Lavaridge Town. It’s based mostly on Hearth-type Pokémon. The Fitness center Chief is Flannery….Pokémon Emerald.

Where is fitness center 6 in Emerald?

Fortree Metropolis

How do you beat Norman in Emerald?

First you ought to get a Pokemon that has defend/detect to make use of in opposition to slaking. It is best to use a hariyama it may possibly hit actually laborious and is cumbersome. For partitions use Aron/Lairon and Sableye. Use Pokemon with excessive sp….

Is Mega Swampert good?

Mega Evolving Swampert bolsters its bulk and Assault to scary ranges and provides it entry to Swift Swim, which makes Mega Swampert a wonderful sweeper underneath rain. Beneath rain, Mega Swampert is extraordinarily troublesome to revenge kill as a result of its bulk, Pace, and resilience to precedence….

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