What is the word fire in Latin?

What is the word fire in Latin?

Extra Latin phrases for fire. ignis noun. gentle, flame, warmth, conflagration, beacon. flamma noun.

What does Disco Inferno imply in Latin?

Hester Elizabeth on Twitter: “Simply discovered that ‘disco inferno’ roughly interprets from Latin as ‘I study via struggling/via hell’ and THAT’S MY MOTTO NOW”

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The place does the word Pyro come from?

Pyro comes from the Greek word πῦρ (pyr), which means fire.

What is the full which means of disco?

Protection Industrial Safety Clearance Workplace. Governmental » Army. Fee it: DISCO. Home Worldwide Satellite tv for pc Consolidation Order.

What is the which means of the Latin word Ignis?

1 : a light-weight that typically seems in the evening over marshy floor and is usually attributable to the combustion of fuel from decomposed natural matter. 2 : a misleading objective or hope.

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What is the word fire in Greek?

as a result of Fire in Greek has a Philosophical which means. … The reply is Photia (ΦΩΤΙΑ(φωτια)) and its which means it is primarily based most on the word gentle(PHOS Φως). But when U discuss the factor “fire” then the reply is PIR(ΠΥΡ(πυρ)).

What is the plural of Inferno?

noun, plural in. fer. nos. a spot or area that resembles hell: The ironworks was an inferno of molten metal and half-naked our bodies.

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