What is the shortest sentence in the English language?

What is the shortest sentence in the English language?

“I’m” is the shortest full sentence in the English language. It doesn’t have each a topic and a predicate, however it is a sentence as a result of it expresses a whole thought, and it is grammatically right.

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What language has the shortest phrases?

Language statistics & information Language with the fewest phrases: Taki Taki (additionally referred to as Sranan), 340 phrases. Taki Taki is an English-based Creole spoken by 120,000 in the South American nation of Suriname.

What is the longest and shortest phrase?

What are the shortest and longest phrases used? In English, the shortest phrases are 4 letters lengthy. In another languages, we use phrases of solely two characters. The longest phrases are 17-18 letters – for instance, “environmentalists” and “unenthusiastically”.

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What is the shortest phrase in English with out vowels?

What is the Longest Phrase with no Vowels? Not together with plurals, there is just one seven-letter phrase which has none of the 5 vowels. That phrase is nymphly, which is a uncommon variation of ‘nymphlike’.

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