What is Normocephalic and atraumatic mean?

English translation: usually formed head, not attributable to trauma.

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In order that, what does it imply to be Normocephalic and atraumatic?

Normocephalic. Normocephalic is a medical time period referring to an individual whose head and all main organs of the pinnacle are in a traditional situation and with out important abnormalities.

Beside above, what is Anicteric? Medical Definition of anicteric : not accompanied or characterised by jaundice anicteric hepatitis.

On this method, what is atraumatic ache?

Atraumatic joint and limb ache within the aged. A number of the extra frequent etiologies of atraumatic joint and limb ache, together with crystal deposition ailments akin to gout and pseudogout, osteoarthritis, septic arthritis, and inflammatory arthritides akin to rheumatoid arthritis can be addressed on this article.

What does atraumatic?

adjective. (of a medical or surgical process) inflicting minimal tissue damage. ‘Though it is a comparatively atraumatic process, numerous histologic alterations have been noticed in numerous tissues. ‘

What does EDD stand for in medical phrases?

estimated date of supply

What does a supple neck imply?

As a result of supple means “in a position to bend,” you’ll be able to all the time depend the phrase “Neck is supple” as a part of an orthopedic examination. The phrase “Neck is supple” has additionally come to imply the doctor checked the affected person’s node and discovered no swelling, which means the affected person does not have enlarged lymph nodes.

What is atraumatic head?

1 : designed to reduce tissue harm : not inflicting damage or trauma atraumatic sutures atraumatic greedy forceps The ultrasonic aspirator, which mixes a vibrating head with suction to take away tissue, has made atraumatic removing of tumors from cranial nerves and essential cortical areas doable.—

What is atraumatic care?

Atraumatic care is the philosophy of offering therapeutic care by the usage of interventions that eradicate or reduce the psychologic and bodily misery skilled by kids and households (Whaley & Wong, 1995).

What is an atraumatic needle?

A needle with a tapered tip that doesn’t harm tissue as a lot as a beveled needle. Pencil-point needles are generally utilized in lumbar puncture to scale back leakage of cerebrospinal fluid from the subarachnoid area. Synonym: atraumatic needle.

What does non traumatic imply?

: not inflicting, attributable to, or related to trauma and particularly traumatic damage nontraumatic bone fracture nontraumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage Ankle ache in kids will be attributable to traumatic accidents to bone, ligament, or tendon or by nontraumatic situations, akin to congenital and developmental anomalies …—

What is Anicteric hepatitis?

Hepatitis with out jaundice, or anicteric hepatitis, is a type which will turn into clinically manifest however in our research was initially milder than icteric hepatitis. In Taiwan the serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase is a wonderful screening check for liver illness normally and for anicteric hepatitis specifically.

What is the medical time period for with out fever?

(āpī-retik) With out fever, denoting apyrexia; having a traditional physique temperature. Synonym(s): afebrile.

What phrase means pertaining to outdoors the attention?

Extraocular. pertaining to outdoors the attention, as utilized in describing the extraocular eye muscle mass.

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