What does it mean when someone is a burden?

What does it mean when someone is a burden?

English Language Learners Definition of burden : to make (someone) maintain or carry one thing heavy or settle for or cope with one thing tough : to place a heavy burden on (someone) See the total definition for burden within the English Language Learners Dictionary. burden. noun. bur·​den | ˈbər-dᵊn

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What is an instance of a burden?

The definition of a burden is one thing carried, a fear or disappointment, or a accountability. The cargo in a ship is an instance of a burden. The disappointment of your mom’s sickness is an instance of a burden. An instance of a burden is the duties that include being a new mum or dad.

What does emotional burden mean?

Emotional burden is a scenario the place a individual is emotionally burdened. This could occur as a consequence of a number of causes. For instance, You have concerned in such a scenario the place you may’t refuse a process however must do it for the sake of others happiness.

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What is a synonym for burden?

SYNONYMS. accountability, onus, cost, obligation, obligation, legal responsibility. hassle, care, downside, fear, anxiousness, tribulation, affliction, trial, problem, misfortune, pressure, stress, encumbrance, millstone, cross to bear, albatross. archaic cumber. 3’the burden of his message’

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