What does Fosho mean in slang?

What does Fosho mean in slang?

For Certain

What does SHO mean in textual content?

Tremendous Excessive Output

What does FoSo mean in texting?

Definition. FoSo. Netværk for Forskning I Socialt Arbejde. FoSo. Pals of the Sea Otter (Monterey, CA)

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What is brief for for certain?

FS. (redirected from for certain) Additionally discovered in: Dictionary, Thesaurus, Idioms, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia.

Is for certain correct English?

A: The prepositional phrase “for certain” is mostly used as an adverb, not as an adjective. So a sentence like “I don’t know for certain that it’s true” is idiomatically regular. (“For certain” capabilities as an adverb modifying the verb “know.”) However a sentence like “I’m not for certain that it’s true” appears off-kilter

When a man says certain what does that mean?

Yeah, okay

Does certain mean no?

In different phrases, certain alerts consent, whereas sure and no sign literal settlement or disagreement. Certain is a casual expression that means “Actually,” which is extra formal

Is certain mean sure?

Certain is used as “sure,” although it by no means means “sure.” Certain is a thumbs as much as your face, and a jerkoff movement behind your again

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How do you spell make sure that?

: to seek out out or do one thing in order that one has little doubt about whether or not one thing is true, appropriate, will occur, and so forth. Be certain (that) you flip the oven off. They made certain everybody knew the place they have been purported to be.

How do you utilize the phrase certain in a sentence?

Certain sentence instance

  1. He certain is a pleasant man.
  2. Certain .
  3. If you wish to stroll this late in the night, that you must make sure that I’m with you.
  4. Because you arrived, she isn’t certain that is the best way.
  5. Remember to invite him, my pricey.
  6. Lisa glanced at Connie; by no means certain she was making a clever resolution.

What type of reply is bound?

Certain is a casual approach of claiming ‘sure’ or ‘all proper’.

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What’s the that means of why not?

out of date. : a return problem demanding what bars an motion or negates an assertion.

What is the that means of after all not?

—used informally to say no in a approach that exhibits one may be very particular “Are you indignant with me for being late?” “After all not!””Did you’re taking the cash?” “After all not!”

What is the that means of after all?

1. adverb. You say after all to counsel that one thing is regular, apparent, or well-known, and may subsequently not shock the individual you might be speaking to.

What is the that means of sure after all?

Are you able to assist me

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