What does Conversary mean?

What does Conversary imply?

An argument is a dispute or argument by which folks specific sturdy opposing views. Controversy means a quarrel (usually public) involving sturdy disagreement, however the matter might be as unimportant as a brand new film.

What does commissary imply?

1 : one delegated by a superior to execute an obligation or an workplace. 2a : a retailer for tools and provisions particularly : a grocery store for army personnel. b : meals provides.

What is an episode in literature?

1 : a often temporary unit of motion in a dramatic or literary work: comparable to. a : the a part of an historic Greek tragedy between two choric songs. b : a developed state of affairs that’s integral to however separable from a steady narrative : incident. c : one in every of a sequence of loosely related tales or scenes.

What does Accurs imply?

accurse(Verb) To dedicate to destruction; to imprecate distress or evil upon; to curse; to execrate; to anathematize.

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Is accursed a nasty phrase?

adjective Abominable; hateful. adjective Being below a curse; doomed.

What does futility imply?

1 : the standard or state of being futile : uselessness His speech centered on the futility of violence. 2 : a ineffective act or gesture the futilities of debate for its personal sake— W. A. White.

What does futility of life imply?

When you may’t see the purpose in even making an attempt, that’s the sensation of futility, the sense that regardless of how a lot you’re employed at it, nothing good will occur, so that you would possibly as effectively hand over.

How do you utilize the phrase futility?

Futility sentence instance

  1. She didn’t need to face the futility of her state of affairs, not but!
  2. Dean requested the query earlier than he remembered futility of such a question.
  3. He didn’t stay to see the futility of such bulwarks.

What does futile imply within the Bible?

futile, useless, fruitless imply producing no outcome. futile could connote completeness of failure or unwisdom of enterprise. resistance had proved so futile that give up was the one alternative left useless often implies easy failure to realize a desired outcome.

Can people futile?

The definition of futile is one thing that received’t succeed or is unimportant. An instance of futile is somebody making an attempt to cease a aircraft that has already left the bottom. Incapable of manufacturing outcomes; ineffective; not profitable; not value making an attempt.

Does futile imply pointless?

adjective. incapable of manufacturing any outcome; ineffective; ineffective; not profitable: Trying to force-feed the sick horse was futile.

What is the other of futile?

Antonyms: helpful, utile, productive. Synonyms: mindless, ineffectual, bootless, work-shy, otiose, useless, purposeless, slothful, superfluous, unavailing, sleeveless, indolent, uneffective, faineant, pointless, wasted, unable, lazy, ineffective, fruitless.

What phrase is most like futile?


  • fruitless, useless, pointless.
  • ineffective, nugatory, ineffectual, ineffective, inefficacious, to no impact, of no use, in useless, to no avail, unavailing.
  • unsuccessful, failed, thwarted.
  • unproductive, barren, unprofitable, abortive.
  • impotent, hole, empty, forlorn, idle, sterile, worthless, worthless.
  • hopeless, doomed, misplaced.
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What is probably the most much like futile?

The phrases fruitless and useless are widespread synonyms of futile. Whereas all three phrases imply “producing no outcome,” futile could connote completeness of failure or unwisdom of enterprise.

What is the synonyms for futile?

different phrases for futile

  • fruitless.
  • hole.
  • impractical.
  • ineffective.
  • ineffectual.
  • inadequate.
  • useless.
  • nugatory.

What is one other phrase for repeal?

SYNONYMS FOR repeal 2 nullify, abolish, rescind, invalidate.

What is the same which means of tattered?

worn to shreds; or carrying torn or ragged clothes. “a person in a tattered shirt”; “the tattered flag”; “tied up in tattered brown paper”; “a tattered barefoot boy”; “a tatterdemalion prince” Synonyms: bedraggled, broken-down, ramshackle, tatterdemalion, derelict, tumble-down, dilapidated, shattered.

What is one other phrase for sporadically?

Continuously Requested Questions About sporadic Some widespread synonyms of sporadic are rare, uncommon, scarce, and unusual. Whereas all these phrases imply “not widespread or ample,” sporadic implies incidence in scattered situations or remoted outbursts.

What is the other of sporadically?

▲ Reverse of taking place at irregular intervals. common. steady. frequent.

What is a sporadic individual?

(of comparable issues or occurrences) showing or taking place at irregular intervals in time; occasional: sporadic renewals of enthusiasm. showing in scattered or remoted situations, as a illness. remoted, as a single occasion of one thing; being or occurring other than others.

What is sporadic habits?

sporadic(Adjective) Uncommon and scattered in incidence. sporadic(Adjective) Exhibiting random habits; patternless.

What are the indicators of bipolar in a girl?

Signs which are widespread in each women and men embody:

  • excessive or irritated temper.
  • extra power and better goal-driven exercise.
  • elevated vanity or grandiosity.
  • decreased sleep.
  • greater than traditional frequency of speaking.
  • speedy speech circulation and flights of concepts or racing ideas.
  • being simply distracted.

How did I get bipolar?

Components which will enhance the danger of growing bipolar dysfunction or act as a set off for the primary episode embody: Having a first-degree relative, comparable to a mum or dad or sibling, with bipolar dysfunction. Durations of excessive stress, such because the demise of a cherished one or different traumatic occasion. Drug or alcohol abuse.

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What is sporadic illness instance?

Patterns of Incidence. Ailments which are seen solely often, and often with out geographic focus, are known as sporadic illnesses. Examples of sporadic illnesses embody tetanus, rabies, and plague.

What are unique illnesses?

Unique illnesses are infectious illnesses that usually don’t happen within the area of your pig farm both as a result of they’ve by no means been current there or as a result of they have been eradicated after which saved out by authorities management measures. It is going to actually be a notifiable illness.

What is a zoonosis?

A zoonosis is any illness or an infection that’s naturally transmissible from vertebrate animals to people.

What is the which means of a pandemic?

A pandemic is outlined as “an epidemic occurring worldwide, or over a really huge space, crossing worldwide boundaries and often affecting numerous folks”. Nonetheless, seasonal epidemics should not thought of pandemics.

What was the final pandemic?

The 1918 influenza pandemic was probably the most extreme pandemic in current historical past. It was brought on by an H1N1 virus with genes of avian origin. Though there’s not common consensus relating to the place the virus originated, it unfold worldwide throughout 1918-1919.

What is one other phrase for pandemic?

What is one other phrase for pandemic?


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