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Wisdom Workout, In My Opinion

Wisdom Workout, In My Opinion

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One of the most significant ways that change comes to us is in our environment. We make some decisions that allow us to take our lives in new ways. When we are the ones who make the decisions, we should, in an ideal world, arrange changes in modest steps that give us a feeling of empowerment and control over our life.

When external circumstances tear up the fabric of our life and throw us into disarray, we are said to be experiencing the opposite kind of change we are experiencing. As a result of being thrust into unfamiliar territory, we experience feelings of uneasiness and free-floating anxiety, exacerbated by the immediate sense of not knowing where we are or what we are doing.

Fear becomes the dominating emotion we are experiencing. We have created a fertile field for the worst of our imaginations to spin about us like Alice in Wonderland on a rollercoaster ride.

Our world has been twisted on its head. We have a strong resistance to change and are unable to take action. When our thoughts and feelings hit the lowest common denominator, we cycle through despair, sadness, wrath, fear, and resentment like a rollercoaster ride of emotions. When we reach this moment, we may either choose an external target to attack or redirect our negativity inside, manifesting itself as sentiments and ideas of inadequacy or apathy against ourselves.

When we are in the throes of insecurity, we either take the terror that comes with losing control and stress about how to regain it, or we redirect our attention away from personal creation and cling on to whatever seems comfortable at the time.
We take a step back and cease our outreach, which finally results in limited, cautious, predictable, and deafening responses to people, circumstances, and new difficulties.
What should we do if we discover that we have entered the maintenance cycle? How do we begin the process of moving forward?

We must first have a larger goal than merely whirling about in our fleeting thoughts and sensations to accomplish anything. It is possible to achieve this aim via external goals. Still, in my work, I prefer to employ personal, internal, experienced statements to coax fresh bursts of positive, creative energy into the forefront of consciousness.
Consider the following question: What attribute do I want to cultivate in myself that would allow me to have more energy and take more creative action, at least a crack of the door? Consider the following scenario: you decide to develop the attribute of inner strength.

“I am unearthing and taking responsibility for my inner qualities,” write a statement in the present tense. You now have a functional purpose more significant than the random thoughts and emotions of inadequacy and insecurity that you experience on a moment-to-moment basis.

Other examples include: I am self-assured and secure, or safe and secure in my surroundings. Choose acts and activities that help you feel more confident about yourself and begin to legitimize your accomplishments, rather than actions and activities that exaggerate your negative feelings about your current circumstances. I’m taking excellent care of myself at the moment. As you go through life, say yes to the events that provide you comfort and a sense of well-being, and no to those that push you out onto the thin emotional branches until you feel stronger and better equipped to take on new challenges.

The advantage of setting an experiencing goal or purpose is that you have complete control over how the experience unfolds. Your objective is to use the phrase as a single-pointed focus to bring all of your dispersed energy together behind one single purpose, rather than flailing about in a sea of contradictory emotions.

Even though we are all part of the same story at this point in history, it is equally valid that “every head is a world” and that when unforeseen circumstances invade and threaten our equilibrium, we are solely responsible for managing our minds and emotions most skillfully and competently possible.

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