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Vanessa Hudgens Jokes ‘High School Musical’ Will Never Die Thanks to Fans

Vanessa Hudgens Jokes 'High School Musical' Will Never Die Thanks to Fans

Vanessa Hudgens will be forever linked to High School Musical. Fans can’t stop singing some of the sequel’s finest tracks over 15 years after it debuted in theaters, and the 33-year-old has reminded them of that every day.

Hudgens chatted with Dailion’s Lauren Zima ahead of her hosting position at the MTV Movie & TV Awards in 2022, and she expressed her surprise at how quickly time has passed since the release of High School Musical 2 in August 2007. Hudgens, who played the endearing Gabriella Montez, stated that while that period of her life feels like a lifetime ago, a new generation is keeping it vividly alive.

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Hudgens tells Dailion, “The fact is kids are still watching it.” “It is still being taught to children. ‘Gotta Go My Own Way’ is currently trending on TikTok.” Hudgens glanced at the camera as she concluded her phrase and continued, “It never dies, due to you guys!”

For the sequel, she collaborated with Zac Efron on “Gotta Go On My Own.” All joking aside, Hudgens recognizes the franchise’s importance to the next generation. And she knows because the 1961 musical West Side Story had a significant impact on her life and, ultimately, her career.

“I would not have been interested in musical theater if it hadn’t been for Natalie Wood’s performance in West Side Story,” she explained. “To me, she will always be Maria. Those films were crucial in igniting my passion for the arts. High School Musical, in my opinion, has done it for the new generation. So, if that’s something Natalie Wood sent me, I’m more than happy to pass it on to the kids.”

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It’s hard to think Hudgens was almost never cast as Montez, but she’s left an indelible mark on Hollywood that extends beyond her singing and acting. She’s also a natural host, as evidenced by her recent appearances at the Oscars and the Met Gala. Hudgens will host the MTV Movie & TV Awards for the second time on Sunday, June 5, and she gave Dailion a preview of what to anticipate.

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To begin with, there is a new award this year in the category of Best Kiss. To say the least, it’ll be heated. There’s also the possibility that Snoop Dogg will join her as her special DJ, which she may or may not accept.

Hudgens also stated that her boyfriend, Pittsburgh Pirates shortstop Cole Tucker, will not be in person for the show (hey, it’s baseball season!) but will be watching on TV.


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